Frequently asked question about
setting up your online store

How to add a product

1. In the administrative section of your online store, go to the “Products” section of the menu “Catalog”.

2. Click the “Add Product” button.


3. Enter the general information of your product.

Name: The name of your product as it will appear on your store.
Meta description: A short description of your product for the SEO of your shop (for more information, read this little article).
Product Code: The SKU of the product (for reference only).
Barcode: The barcode of the product.
Regular price: The price of your product.
Price discounts: Check the box if your product is in sale and enter the discount price.


4. Next, set the product display options.

New: A banner “New” will appear over the photo of your product.
Featured: The product will appear on the home page of your shop.
Show on the store: If you uncheck this option, the product will not be visible on your store.
Allow the purchase: If you uncheck this option, the button “Add to Cart” will be hidden for this product.


5. The next step is the addition of images. The images are separated into two categories: images to upload and current product image(s). The images to upload are the images you add and that will be added to your product when you press the “Save” button. The current product image(s) are the product images already added to your product.

So to add an image, click the “Browse” button and add the image of your product. Your product may contain as many images that you want.

N.B. The first uploaded image will be the first visible on your online store.


6. Then add the product description that will be displayed in the product page and define which category is your product associated with. The square on the left displays all the categories in your store while the right shows which category will display your product. In the picture above, the product is in the “Example” category.


7. The last fields to fill are the dimensions of the product, inventory and taxes. The dimensions are required if you use a shipping module such as Canada Post, Purolator or Dicom. If you wish to display the dimensions of your product, check “Show dimensions on product page?” and the system will do it for you.

N.B. If you forgo to insert your product’s dimensions, the dimensions by default will be 0.1. This may cause differences between the actual shipping fee and the one shown on your online store, so please enter the correct information if you use one of the modules mentioned above.

8. If you want to manage the inventory of this product, click on the dropdown menu and select “Manage Inventory”, then you can enter the number of products you have.


9. You may also select recommended products which will be shown at the bottom of your product’s details page.



10. When all the information is entered correctly, click “Save”.