Frequently asked question about
setting up your online store

How to add a product ? (Everything you need to know)

In your merchant interface, click on “Catalog” then “Products”.

In this new page click on the green button “Add a product”.

Details and explanations of the page creation / modification of a product

The creation is divided into 3 parts:

  • The basics
  • The variants
  • The options

The basics of your product sheet

For a simple product you only need to fill in this information in order to register your product.

Here is the explanation of the 8 points of this 1st part:

1) Add one or more images of your product. You can drag or search in your computer. You can add up to 5 images per recording, but you can add as many as you want by recording multiple times.

2) Enter the name of the product. Think of both languages if you have added English.

3) Add a description to the product. Be technical and seller.

4) Add PDF files that your visitors can download. Often used for technical and detailed sheets.

5) Indicate the regular price of your product. If it has variants (colors, sizes …) it will be the price added by default that you can change for each variant.

5*) If you want to add a free product, check the box.

6) Indicate the promotional price of your product. For this check the box “On sale”.

6*)Check the box to program the date on promotion. Then click on the empty field, a calendar will appear to choose a date and a precise schedule to the second. (If the calendar does not appear, the correct format to enter is this one: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS is 2019-09-04 14:08:29)
All info to schedule a promotion here.

7) Choose whether you want to manage the stock of this product or not. If your product does not have a variant, you will indicate the stock in a field just below. If you have variants, the inventory is done in the table (see (20))

8) Assign a category to your product. Check the category you have already created or add to a new one by clicking on the “Add category” button.

The variants

This part is optional. It is used to add variants to your product. Examples: 1 t-shirt can have a variant of sizes (S – M – L – XL …) and / or one of colors (Red – Blue – Black …) …

To discover this table click on the button “Add variants”, By default the option New will be created you can modify it in the frame (10)

See here the detailed help article to create variants and variants with image.

9) Add a new variant option. Add option sizes, colors, taste…

10) Change the option’s name.

11) Choose the presentation format of the option. You can choose between the format: List, Colors and Pictures.

12) Enter the title of the variants of this option. If the option is “Size”, the variants could be S – M – L – XL … The first column “Order” allows to choose the order of its variants presented on the shop.

13) Add a new variant

14) Delete a variant

The table lists all possible products with your created options.

15) Enable or disable the visibility of this variant or mix of variants. You can disable it because you will never have it in stock or activate it later.

16) All variants or mix of existing variants.

17) Enter the SKU of each variant or mix of variants for this product.

18) The price listed is the regular price by default. You can modify it for some variants or mix of variants if necessary.

19) The listed price is the default promotion price. You can modify it for some variants or mix of variants if necessary.

20) If you have decided to manage the inventory in step 7, it is in this column that you enter the inventories of each line of variants.

21) Here you can add an image corresponding to this line of variant (s) so that on the shop the image of the product changes to its selection by the user. (optional)

The options

We put these 3 parts in one step because all are options, nothing is obligatory to modify for a simple product.

22) Check “New” to add a “New” banner to your product’s photo.

23) Check “Featured” to add your product on your shop’s homepage.

24) Uncheck if you do not want to display this product on your store. Allows you to make it unavailable for a certain time without having to delete it.

25) Choose the taxes to add to this product. Allows you to “Charge all taxes”, “Don’t charge taxes” or “Only charge federal tax”.

26) Check if you want to put this product on the front page of your Facebook store.

27) Untick if you do not want to display the price on your store. By doing this, the product will not be able to buy.

28) Check if you do not want to add shipping charges when you purchase this product.

29) Uncheck if you do not want to allow the purchase of the product.

30) Check to let your customer indicate how to link to this product for ordering.

31) Allows you to add a title tag to be more sales and better referenced on Google and search engines.

32) Allows you to add a Meta-description to be more sales and better referenced on Google and search engines.

33) Click to see the result on Google and understand the advantage of points 31 and 32.

34) Check if you want to display the dimensions of your product (shown in point 35) in its description.

35) The dimensions are used to automatically calculate delivery prices and allow you to print your labels from home.

36) Choose a category or the entire store to display the list of products in column 37

37) Click on the products you want to add in “Recommended Products”

38) List of selected products. Click on the trash icon to delete the product.

Example of how your recommended products will appear (Tokyo template)

39) And of course, remember to Save.