What is the title tag and the meta description?

You will find these two technical terms in the admin interface of your online store. The fairly technical terms are actually a few things that everyone knows.

These terms from the glossary web-marketing and SEO, are the information that search engines reference in their queries.

All pages of your website or online store have a title tag and a meta description. They allow you to improve your SEO by changing a flat title and clear title attractive for search engines or an extract of your pages by a clear and beautiful description.

On Panierdachat you can change these two informations for your product sheets, your category pages, your informative pages, your home page, your blog articles … in order to have a perfectly optimized online store.

How it works ?

Take an example of a category page. Your category is called “Women’s shoes” and you do not want to add any text to this page. Google and his ilk will refer to this page (badly enough) with the title: “Women’s shoes – Name of your shop” and below there will be an extract of the names of the products.

This page will of course be badly referenced because there is no keyword corresponding to the requests of your customers and your competitors will be referenced before you. Moreover when you will be referenced, the “look” of these links will not be attractive and users will not click on it.

Same category “Women’s shoes” but this time it indicates a title tag with for example “Women’s Shoes at the best price” and in the meta-description “Hundreds of women’s shoes models for all tastes to click and at the best price “.

With this additional information and the keywords entered, your page will benefit from optimal SEO and your link will be much more attractive and will generate more clicks which will be appreciated by Google who will continue to improve your SEO.

And this is possible on all your pages!

How it look

Title tag) : Link title of your page on the search engines (this is also the name that appears on the tab of the page)

Meta description : Description of your page on search engines