Open a professional, totally bilingual, SEO-optimized online store


Provide a professional e-commerce solution technologically accessible to businesses while offering choices and services to cater to their evolutive needs.

The making of the enterprise

Panierdachat was born following repeated requests from our customers to offer an alternative and affordable solution to products available on the market. This was in 2008. Pascal Couturier, founder, was working on various web design and online store projects for his own agency, Chocolat Media. The best solution at the time for an online store was to custom-build it. For young entrepreneurs or retailers reluctant to invest for a first approach to a solution developed from A to Z, this wasn’t suitable. The issue was mainly of a financial nature. Then, companies find themselves with online shops they can’t handle in everyday use due to the complexity of the interface. Panierdachat starts taking shape in a very integrated model to reduce costs for traders and allow them to sell online. The e-commerce platform should provide suitable tools without becoming too bulky with a multitude of features and capabilities that businesses will never use. An e-commerce solution that meets the needs of its customers, with features that optimize their online sales and efficiency with a simple interface. With the experience gained in the web agency that was established in 2001, the goal was not just to provide a platform, but to optimize the merchant side to make everything easy to update the customer-side experience to today’s trends visually, technologically and experimentally. In 2014, the team releases its newly redesigned interface, reprogrammed to industry standards.

The Panierdachat team is constantly innovating since its foundation enabling more merchants to sell online, with a custom brand and a care for quality. We aspire to provide the most complete online store solution to the Canadian market while maintaining an affordable price and a personalized approach to both customer service and corporate vision.

In 2014, Pascal’s life partner Emanuelle Duchesne joins the Panierdachat team to offer a different vision due to her experience. She built an online store which she sold thereafter. This allowed her to experience different aspects of online sales in order to maximize sales and make the customer experience a pleasant one.

Today, vice president, she holds a position of choice in the online sales world to let people know about the solution through lectures, group presentations and partnerships. She also manages the consulting service and the marketing aspects of Panierdachat. Complementarily, in life as well as in business, Pascal is responsible for operations, optimization of the platform and design.

Important dates

2008 : Panierdachat founded by Chocolat Média, web agency

2009 : First generation is published online

2013 : Preparation and start of development of the second generation

2014 : New generation is published online (V2)

2014 : Arrival of Emanuelle Duchesne as Vice President, e-commerce advisor


Pascal Couturier, Président & Fondateur
Pascal Couturier, President and Founder


Emanuelle Duchesne, Vice-présidente aux affaires électroniques, conseillère, conférencière.
Emanuelle Duchesne, Vice-presidente, e-commerce advisor