List of
latest updates


Fix Selection  of the credit card logos to display
Fix Selection of the language on the template Madrid when the window is very narrow on desktop
Fix Improved the position of the logo on the template Madrid

  • New Adding the “View Product” button to the product overview on the home page of the Madrid template
  • Fix Free shipping message change according to discount via promo code “Product”
  • Fix Updating the logo on the boarding questionnaire + changing the color of the “Connection” button on the connection page
  • New Removing the “Services” tab on the merchant interface
  • Fix Improving design of the PayPal configuration page
  • Fix Improving invoice printing on Safari
  • Fix Shop login with Facebook page
  • Fix Fixed the purchase of a product if it has a unique variant in Image or Color type

New New step to help configure the online store

New Removing the Google map on orders

New New admin design in accordance with the new logo and the new graphic charter (with new dashboard)

Fix Improved maps on the contact page

Fix Updated logo on some missing emails

  • New Facebook Pixel is available for all packages
  • Fix Remove duplicate command export buttons
  • Fix Fix Images Views on Internet Explorer 11
  • Fix Improved button design “Not available for purchase” on London template
  • New Changing the names of the sub tabs on the Pages tab
  • New Mail Design Improvement Minimum Inventory Alerts
  • New Improved design of welcome mails
  • Fix Fixed the English display of the start form for creating a demo in English
  • Fix Fixed to accept orders even if emails fail
  • Fix Text field correction of the Contact page
  • Fix Fix demo viewing link for the Mexico template
  • Fix Deleting the display of the word “Share” when no social network is enabled for sharing
  • New Added “1-Click Translation” to all text fields in the merchant interface
  • Fix Fixed adding text to the Home page
  • FixFix promo code amount in order details
  • Fix Correction English version of the template Copenhagen: button on product listing “View Product”
  • New Added “View” option on the list of blog posts
  • New New design and functionality (visible – featured) admin blog posts
  • New New design of the Payment page to group payment methods into 3 parts
  • Fix Patch showing price of variants on the San Francisco template
  • Fix Previewing the SEO of blog posts
  • Fix The preview of the first lines of the blog articles on the home page and on the listing of articles adds the spaces after listing and paragraph.
  • Fix Fix png image on some versions of Safari browser
  • Fix Center blog posts on London template homepage