List of updates

  • Adding “View Product” in Product Listing Options
  • Adding the Copenhagen template
  • Correction of the alignment of recommended products in Tokyo template
  • Fixed the scrolling of the Visuals / Menu page to make it easier to move tabs
  • Improvement of the display of a promo code on the cart
  • Added influence on weight for variants
  • Venice template: correction of the label Promo
  • Improvement of the inventory check on the cart (new information message)
  • Add verification: if new product in any category = confirmation message
  • New design of the Shipping page
  • New design and configuration of the Product Sheet (creation and modification)
  • Addition of the option “Out of Stock”
  • New design of the “Promo code” page
  • Added French DOM TOMs in the checkout
  • Updating the Google Analytics visual in the Statistics page
  • Remove the “-pdf” add in pdf title on a product sheet.
  • Correction of some English terms in the basket of 3 templates
  • Fixed switch of currency columns in Export Sales Reports
  • Adding functionality: being able to activate a member via Management / Members
  • Adding a form when creating a demo
  • Improvement of the line spacing of category descriptions on the Stockholm template
  • Correcting the preview of the shipping confirmation message
  • Fix: invoice printing on Safari
  • Fix: adding a category via the product creation form
  • New navigation posted on the administration
  • Correction error visible categories even if not checked on the Montreal template
  • Replacing the chat with Help and a mailto
  • Improved the quality of retina images on the Stockholm template
  • Improved the design of the Settings / Domain Name page
  • Missing translations of 3 words on the Tokyo template
  • Fixed image variants by images not displayed on the Tokyo template
  • New design of the Settings / Statistics page to facilitate the location of tracking codes
  • When linking a store to a Square account, the test mode is no longer enabled by default
  • Correction “Remember me” in FR on the EN version of the Mexico template
  • Fixed button validation of the setting of the mail transactional
  • Adding Square Payments to Integrated Payment Methods
  • Fix logo problem (align on the left) on the Stockholm template
  • Improvement of the identification and the filter to the inscription in the newsletters of the shops
  • Google Tag Manager integration in Settings / Statistics
  • Adding lines of refunds on invoices
  • Change order of Stripe keys to go with Stripe site order (UX enhancement)
  • Change of activation of credit card payments with information bubbles (UX improvement)
  • Deleting the custom payment name added to Stripe on orders in admin (if active)
  • Fixed change validation text for a category on admin