List of
latest updates


New Be able to add your product catalog on Google Shopping

New Be able to add your product catalog on the Blue Cart


New Addition of Desjardins Global Payments as a new payment partner in integrated payment methods: 2.6%+$0.35 rate on transaction fees


Fix Addition of 6 additional fixed fees. Now possible to offer 12 different fixed fees.




Fix Milan theme: Correction to apply the global font on the menu bar

Fix Madrid Theme : Correction of the of message layout “No product found” when doing a search in the search bar

  • New Adding precision “For customers with a Hotmail or Outlook address, check the Junk folder in your mailbox” on the Success page
  • Fix Make the command list filter end date inclusive
  • Fix Display the SKU of variants on customer invoices
  • Fix Update of the Canada Post account creation /synchronization link
  • Fix Update of the Square account creation / synchronization link
  • Fix Added message that blocks the double command of the same client session.
  • New Improvement of the UX, with an automatic +1 field for each new address in the contact page
  • Fix Square update with latest version
  • New Add information of the minimum amount under the name of the option
  • Fix Update of the example document for CSV import
  • Fix Correction of CSV export / import (quantity at -1)
  • Fix Correction of the button “Apply the price to all variants” for the promotion prices
  • New Add delivery option: Minimum order amount
  • New Adding the Product Comments and Customer Comments columns in the Export of ordered products
  • New The delivery price is deleted if a customer returns from the checkout to the shop (update for due to minimum order)
  • New Addition of reCaptcha for the creation of customer account on shops
  • Fix Fixed language change on secure access page

New Add area lines of postal codes with a +1 order
Fix Added help article on the postal codes configuration method page
Fix Update based on Square changes to correct refund errors
Fix Improved management of tabs in customizable menus

  • New Adding the Export products button in the order management page
  • New Add Postal Code and Address 2 columns in the export of orders
  • Fix Fixed display of products in preview on iPad with Safari
  • Fix Improvement of the compression of the weight of the images in several places on the shops (image variants and preview) to improve the loading of the pages