List of
latest updates

  • FixFixed currency display that was no longer applied on the product sheet and product preview after a currency change
  • FixError correction of the promo code that was no longer applied to the checkout
  • FixFixed unclickable links and pages in the footer on the Madrid theme
  • FixFixed redirects to language witch to retrieve category pages
  • FixFix London Menu display
  • FixFix error deleting items from cart
  • FixFixed text encoding on the Blog block of the home page
  • New Added Theme “London”
  • New Added the Report page
  • FixFixed default language on arrival to the store
  • New Added “Madrid” Theme
  • New Added a loading bar to each registration
  • New Added secure access functionality
  • New Added a red “Cancelled” order status label on the Order Management interface
  • New Added additional columns in invoice export
  • Fix Added a Type column to the Product Values page
  • Fix Stockholm theme: fix puzzle component
  • New Added Shipping, powered by Machool as a new shipping partner (including Hunter, Courant plus, Canada Post, Dicom, UPS, Fedex, Purolator, Boxknight)
  • New Added new visual customization tool: The Visual Editor
  • New Added a field to Insert video and add buttons on each slide at the carousel level
  • New Customizable header banner and no longer only related to free shipping
  • New Footer 100% customizable
  • New 100% customizable pop up window
  • New Added a new “Product Values” page offering the ability to pre-configure, save and reuse your value groups
  • New Added a tab to add your logo or even different product images for each of the available languages
  • New Added a new customizable “Low on stock” label
  • New Added a new “product option” to configure shipping by product
  • New Added a field to customize shipping method names
  • New Added a section to create blog post categories
  • New Added status and order payment labels to manage order progress
  • New Added a section giving the ability to set up multiple users with different levels of rights on the same store
  • New Added a section giving the ability to add a banner for cookie acceptance
  • New Added a section giving the ability to set up and display multiple pickup addresses
  • New Added option to manage a single inventory on products with variants
  • New Added new login url
  • Fix Stripe: changed transaction fee from $0.30 to $0.39

New Launch of the beta version of Panierdachat and beginning of the gradual migration of our merchants to the new generation of Panierdachat


New Be able to add your product catalog on Google Shopping

New Be able to add your product catalog on the Blue Cart


New Addition of Desjardins Global Payments as a new payment partner in integrated payment methods: 2.6%+$0.35 rate on transaction fees