List of
latest updates

  • New Updating the Milan template to take advantage of the latest features
  • Fix Tokyo Template: Recommended Products Centered
  • Fix Stockholm Template: Added arrow for subcategories of the menu with subcategories.
  • Fix Fixed the display of category lines during gestures
  • NewAdded the possibility of several fixed fees
  • Fixed the “View all” button of the sub-sub category of the mobile version
  • Increased number of products per page for Stockholm and Amsterdam templates
  • Add automatic redirection of pages 404 to the home page
  • Deleting the Google + share button
  • UX enhancement of the English version of the merchant interface
  • Added an arrow in the Stockholm menu for tabs with subtabs
  • Added synchronization with Mailchimp
  • Adding a info bubble about favicon
  • Evolution design product listing and search filter
  • Fixed sub-menu design on mobile of some templates
  • Factoring the London template (adding features)
  • Button “Remove filters” color correction on the Copenhagen template
  • Correction arrow design dropdown on template Stockholm
  • Improved design of the “Subscribe” button on the pop-up Infoletter on certain templates
  • Billing history now available as a Standby, Late, and Closed account
  • Spell correction in the Square Checkout
  • Adding Stock Out and Low Stock pellets in the merchant interface product lites
  • Changing the look of the Promo and San Francisco Stencil labels
  • Changing the banner set by default to new shops
  • Improvement of the drop-down menu on the Copenhagen template
  • Add Puerto Rico as Regions of the Country United States
  • Fixed visibility of scheduled blog posts
  • Correction of the quick edition of a product out of stock – addition of a missing automatism
  • Update the design of the Currency page to improve the understanding of the page
  • Correction of the prices that appear on the recommended products whose prices should not be displayed
  • Correction displays many products on the template Amsterdam
  • Correction to the connection pop up for the customers on the sites of the merchants
  • Correction of the recording which switched the language in French in the merchant interface on the page Carousel of images
  • Adding “View Product” in Product Listing Options
  • Adding the Copenhagen template
  • Correction of the alignment of recommended products in Tokyo template
  • Fixed the scrolling of the Visuals / Menu page to make it easier to move tabs
  • Improvement of the display of a promo code on the cart
  • Added influence on weight for variants
  • Venice template: correction of the label Promo
  • Improvement of the inventory check on the cart (new information message)