List of
latest updates

  • New Improvement of the UX, with an automatic +1 field for each new address in the contact page
  • Fix Square update with latest version
  • New Add information of the minimum amount under the name of the option
  • Fix Update of the example document for CSV import
  • Fix Correction of CSV export / import (quantity at -1)
  • Fix Correction of the button “Apply the price to all variants” for the promotion prices
  • New Add delivery option: Minimum order amount
  • New Adding the Product Comments and Customer Comments columns in the Export of ordered products
  • New The delivery price is deleted if a customer returns from the checkout to the shop (update for due to minimum order)
  • New Addition of reCaptcha for the creation of customer account on shops
  • Fix Fixed language change on secure access page

New Add area lines of postal codes with a +1 order
Fix Added help article on the postal codes configuration method page
Fix Update based on Square changes to correct refund errors
Fix Improved management of tabs in customizable menus

  • New Adding the Export products button in the order management page
  • New Add Postal Code and Address 2 columns in the export of orders
  • Fix Fixed display of products in preview on iPad with Safari
  • Fix Improvement of the compression of the weight of the images in several places on the shops (image variants and preview) to improve the loading of the pages
  • New Addition of the My referenced stores page with list of stores
  • New Add shipping method “Postal code delivery”
  • Fix Switching to the lower plan is not possible if the number of products exceeds the limit.
  • Fix Tokyo theme: correction of Promo label display when a promotion is scheduled but not active.
  • Fix Venice theme: correction for displaying products on the home page when only News
  • Fix London theme: fixed cart display when there is no free delivery message
  • Fix Remove the Square tab under Settings
  • Fix Update of some pages and themes with the old Panierdachat logo (in OpenGraph)
  • Fix Fixed access to the Sales Report tab
  • Fix Translation of a missing word on the EN part of the Stockholm template
  • Fix Remove Square sub-tab in Settings
  • NewAddition of the Bronze plan at $ 29.95 / month
  • FixImprovement of fromto for sending automatic emails
  • New New onboarding steps with video and configuration of a default payment and delivery method
  • New Added explanation / help to find the Pixel ID
  • New The panes of the Payments and Shipping pages with an active line are now open to better see the active lines.
  • New The secondary / optional sections of the product sheet are now closed by default in order to facilitate the handling of product creation
  • New Increase in number of characters possible for custom names of delivery methods
  • Fix Recentrer Instagram images on Copenhagen template
  • Fix Correction of the customization of the colors of the Madrid template buttons