List of updates

  • Adding a custom message to the confirmation of the shipment
  • Correction of “unique” promotional codes
  • Adding an “Active / Not Active” column to the Promotional Code Table
  • Fixed search on Tokyo template
  • Correction of the currencies proposed on the Shipping Fee schedule according to your activated currencies
  • Grouping of “Edit My Profile” and “Billing Information” pages under “View My Profile” in admin
  • Correction of the order of the categories displayed on the home page
  • Fix the display of seconds on the configuration of promotional codes / blog articles
  • Added ability to launch the search by pressing “Enter”
  • Stockholm Template: Added a black border around the “Message” field of the Contact page
  • Venice Template: Correction price display on the news e home page
  • Improved the organization of categories order on homepage
  • Stockholm Template: Carousel arrow color correction
  • Improved platform’s server management system for fasteronline shop browsing
  • Stockholm template: changing the look of the images in the product sheet
  • Fixed language switch in the template options
  • Rectification of the registration of international taxes
  • Update template definitions and add recommended product image dimensions
  • Increase the possibility of text in the invoice personalized message
  • Update of the mobile menu on 3 templates with menu management
  • Added ability to display background on Amsterdam and Stockholm templates
  • Fix for loading variant images on certain templates
  • Addition of the “New” label on the “New products” product sheets of the Milan template
  • Hard color for drop-down lists of variants
  • Added the “red dot” on the Stockholm template basket when it is not empty.
  • Added the ability to integrate advanced CSS into the new Tokyo template
  • Correction of display of variants by image
  • Addition of the new image upload system on the entire platform
  • Homogenization of the deletion of images in the admin
  • Fixed the black filter on the images of the admin
  • Stockholm template: Improving the look of the carousel
  • Adding Cities and Provinces columns to export orders
  • Venice Template: Color Correction of Footer
  • Correction of the EN translation of the Country button on the admin
  • Improved slugs on category pages and blog posts
  • Tokyo template: Adding customization features
  • Accepting any type of links for custom in Menu Management
  • Fixed slogs when creating pages with the same name
  • Added “1-click translation”
  • Added personalization of credit cards displayed
  • Corrected confirmation message when bulk deleting members
  • Fixed the display of archived orders
  • Corrected package modification via the admin
  • Corrected posting of messages on the secure access page
  • Addition of the new image upload system on many pages of the site (filepond)
  • Addition of the Product Search to the Mobile Version
  • Update Package Packaging Algorithm (Improvement)
  • Fixed editing of admin profile information
  • Color Correction on the San Francisco Template
  • Fixed the “error” message for creating a category on the product page
  • Fix the look on Internet Explorer for the template Paris