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Everything you need to sell online with an easy-to-use, all-inclusive solution suitable for international sales.

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Centralized shipping, pre-negotiated rates
Sync your inventory
No programming required
Completely secure
Automatize your marketing
Accept credit card payments
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“I feel that Panierdachat is here for me! Easy to join and constantly evolving, we like that! “

Chez Farfelu

“I have been with Panierdachat for 7 years now and I am still very satisfied! The technical support is courteous and fast.”

Quincallerie de la Forge

“We are delighted to be on Panierdachat, we wanted to have a bilingual site and encourage a Quebec company.”

Renée Gravel Nonuseless

“I love it, easy to use, flexible and very good customer service. I highly recommend.”

Chouette Fabrique

“Panierdachat is a great value! I hesitated between them and one of their competitors and the all-inclusive advantage of Panierdachat won. Also, support in French and listening to our needs. Thank you for being accessible!”

Savonnerie Saponnaria

Impeccable customer service: quick returns, clear and precise answers, useful advice and always with that courtesy that makes you happy!

Couple d'idées

“We are very happy with our experience. We have been with Panierdachat since 2018, it has been a good fit for our needs.”

Sherpa Canada

I love Panierdachat, it’s simple, friendly, Quebecois and we get answers to our questions!”

Boutique Fabule

“Panierdachat is very easy to use and allowed us to pick up new customers outside the city”

Ils en Fument du bon

Innovative, easy-to-use templates and flawless customer service: very proud to use Panierdachat, a company from here!”

Espace Flo

We chose Panierdachat because it is Quebec based but we recommend it for many other reasons: Very easy to use, excellent customer service but most of all a fast and efficient technical support.

Nathalie, Fine et Fûtés

The best of both worlds between a cozy shop in Rosemont and an easy-to-navigate online store! “

La Culotte à l'envers

“Panierdachat offers excellent bilingual customer service and is constantly innovating in the options of its platform. “

Josiane Perron

“I am very satisfied with the platform and the support: everything is so simple. I save a lot of time. I definitely recommend it.”

Un à la fois

“I love the platform, it’s super easy to use!”

Les produits Emma Joie

“Our online store is welcoming and offers a great shopping experience to our customers. “

La Petite Ferme du Mouton Noir

“Getting help is fast and very reassuring. I am very happy and proud to have access to a made in Quebec platform to sell our Quebec products! “

Pur Beton

” That you very muchI must say that your customer service is incredible! You can be very proud of it. I will definitely recommend Panierdachat to my customers. “

Tibo Consultant

“As a Quebec publishing house, we searched for a long time for a tool that met our different e-commerce needs. Shopping Cart allows us a lot of flexibility and many possibilities for customization, in addition to being very easy to use on a daily basis. We appreciate the clean design of the platform and the responsiveness of the support team.”

Midi Trente

Create your own e-commerce website and sell all over the world!

It has never been easier to create an online store than today. With Panierdachat, you don’t need to know how to code or hire a developer. Instead, you can create your own store in hours and with just a few clicks.

Starting your online store is much easier than you think! Thanks to our guide, you will be able to follow the crucial steps to start selling online easily and quickly.

The internet makes it easier than ever to sell your products and services directly to your customers. Create your online store today and start selling your products and services worldwide.

Local and international e-commerce partners

Find all the tools you need to sell and promote your online store. No need for plugins.

your products
a theme
credit card payments

Absolute simplicity, create your online store in just a few steps

You can now create an online store with Panierdachat,
a solution that helps you sell more while being perfectly optimized for search engines

All included

Enjoy all the tools in one e-commerce solution. Online stores are SEO optimized and ready to sell internationally.

Sell more, even internationally

Take advantage of a complete and multilingual solution to boost your sales internationally. Receive orders from all over the world (or select from a few countries only).

Easy handling

The addition of a logo, the creation of navigation menus and the injection of visitors tracking code are just a few clicks away. Save time and money on all these small changes.

Sell online, your way.

Multilingual and multi default currency

Need translation? Use our new artificial intelligence service to translate your complete product catalog and online store! Automatic translation in 1 click.

Mailchimp, send newsletters too

Use your Mailchimp account with Panierdachat! The connection and synchronization of Mailchimp is done in 1 click.

Automatic updates

Enjoy life with Panierdachat SaaS ecommerce solution! All you'll have to do is keep your catalog up to date to sell more. We are taking care of the maintenance, new functionalities, security, and everything else.

Why make it
when you can
make it simple

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Temps de visionnement : 5 min 14 sec. (French)