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optimized SEO
for search

Be at the forefront of technology with Panierdachat. Indeed, your online store will be “responsive”, SEO optimized and tested for all screen resolutions (desktop, tablets & smartphones).

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An SEO online store
Perfectly optimized for search engines

Optimized for SEO

Enjoy an SEO optimized online store and propel yourself to the top of search engine results easily.

Light and responsive

Fully “Responsive” and super fast to navigate. Perfectly optimized for all types of devices and screen sizes.

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Import your entire inventory to Facebook and start selling directly to your fans!

At the forefront of SEO

Programmed and automatically SEO optimized, propel your online store to the top of search results.

  • No programming necessary
  • Editable Title tag & meta description
  • Automatic structured data
  • Automatic sitemap
  • Automatic redirections
  • Very fast online store


Create an online store perfectly optimized for SEO

  • XML sitemap
  • Search Console
  • Automatically submitted to Google
  • structured markup

Stunning performance on mobile

Be at the forefront of technology with Panierdachat. Indeed, your SEO online store will be “responsive”, optimized and tested for all screen resolutions (desktop, tablets & smartphones).

Benefit from all the expertise of our team so that your SEO online store quickly becomes a success.

Automatic submission
of the online store
to Google

Save time when activating your Panierdachat subscription. Indeed, an “xml sitemap” is automatically created and submitted to the Google Search Console so that the search engine can easily index all the pages and images of your online store.

The indexing of the pages and the automatic submission to Google of the site plan has the effect of quickly bringing visitors to your online store.

  • Structured data
  • Quick to navigate
  • Use your own
    domain name
Comprehensive and
structured data
for Google

With the automatic addition of structured data (Rich snippets) to all product pages of your SEO online store, Google and search engines will be able to better understand the organization of e-commerce site data and thus improve the display of your products on the results of an internet search.

An ever-faster
online store

Thanks to our optimizations and our powerful infrastructure, your SEO-optimized online store will always be fast and smooth to navigate.

Use your own
domain name

To obtain a good position on search engines, nothing better than using your own domain name. If you don’t have your own domain name, we offer free domain purchase and registration for the first year.