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Real-time delivery fees
Fees are calculated in real time and billed directly to your customer's invoice. All you have to do is ship the package.
Ship internationally
With a single click, select the countries where you agree to sell and ship.
Print labels
Pay and print your shipping labels using Canada Post or Flagship.
Shipping methods

Several methods of calculating shipping costs available. Choose according to your needs.

  • Envoi, powered by Machool
  • Broker Flagship
    (UPS, FEDEX, Canpar, Dicom, etc)
  • Fixed shipping fees
  • Fee by postal code
  • Price list
  • Price list by weight
  • Order percentage fee
Shipping options

Offer shipping options to your customers such as:

  • Free shipping
  • In-store pickup
  • Minimum purchase amount
  • Etc

Compare and ship
with Envoi, the unified

Zero carbon shipping solutions
Solution d'expédition standard is proud to offer the calculation of delivery costs in real time thanks to Envoi, the price comparison service powered by Machool.

Enjoy the best rates on the market thanks to pre-negotiated agreements.

Machool allows you to consolidate all of your shipping needs on one platform and purchase the best shipping rates. No installation or configuration required; sign up and start shipping in minutes.

Zero carbon shipping solutions
Solution d'expédition standard

Ship with

Get free access to the FlagShip shipping system that lets you make estimates, shipments, print shipping labels, receive automated tracking notifications, consolidated invoicing and more!

  • Postal
  • Fixed fees
    & price lists
  • Free shipping
    & store pick-up
Local clientele?
Ship by postal codes

Target precisely where you wish to allow delivery by postal codes. Enter different delivery prices depending on whether your customer is in your neighborhood, in the adjacent neighborhood, in your city or within a radius defined by the available zip codes.

H2X 1Y9
H1V 3N7
H3B 3Y5
Not available
Fixed shipping fees
or price lists

Make your life easier with fixed shipping fees (also available by country and province) and price lists (weight or price). You will then be able to choose the shipping provider of your choice for the delivery of the package.

Offer free
delivery or in-store pickup

Enhance your shipping offer by adding the ability to get free shipping above a certain amount or allow in-store pickup directly.