List of
latest updates

  • New Facebook Pixel is available for all packages
  • Fix Remove duplicate command export buttons
  • Fix Fix Images Views on Internet Explorer 11
  • Fix Improved button design “Not available for purchase” on London template
  • New Changing the names of the sub tabs on the Pages tab
  • New Mail Design Improvement Minimum Inventory Alerts
  • New Improved design of welcome mails
  • Fix Fixed the English display of the start form for creating a demo in English
  • Fix Fixed to accept orders even if emails fail
  • Fix Text field correction of the Contact page
  • Fix Fix demo viewing link for the Mexico template
  • Fix Deleting the display of the word “Share” when no social network is enabled for sharing
  • New Added “1-Click Translation” to all text fields in the merchant interface
  • Fix Fixed adding text to the Home page
  • FixFix promo code amount in order details
  • Fix Correction English version of the template Copenhagen: button on product listing “View Product”
  • New Added “View” option on the list of blog posts
  • New New design and functionality (visible – featured) admin blog posts
  • New New design of the Payment page to group payment methods into 3 parts
  • Fix Patch showing price of variants on the San Francisco template
  • Fix Previewing the SEO of blog posts
  • Fix The preview of the first lines of the blog articles on the home page and on the listing of articles adds the spaces after listing and paragraph.
  • Fix Fix png image on some versions of Safari browser
  • Fix Center blog posts on London template homepage
  • New Deletion of the “Delivery Date” line on the post-purchase page when an external supplier has not been selected
  • Fix Deleting non-active promotion product display on the home page
  • New Upgrading the display of images on some templates in retina quality
  • Fix Fixed “Out of stock” label on London template
  • New The new logo is online
  • New New demo page
  • Fix Fixed image upload error for the newsletter pop-up
  • Fix Fixed spelling error in English in the order shipping confirmation email
  • Fix Fixed pricing discount for VIP in product pages
  • New Improved tabs highlighted on page at more than one level in the merchant interface
  • Fix Improved PayPal payment test keys
  • Fix Improved profile page registration
  • New Addition of the choice of country for the estimation of delivery rates
  • Fix Choice of the default percentage when creating a promo code