Can I use my own domain name?

When opening an account, Panierdachat offers you a free subdomain in the following format: To use your own domain name ( or, follow these two steps :

1. If you don’t own any email registered with your domain name, change the nameservers of your domain name (DNS) for the following:


Attention! If you already have one or more email addresses registered with your domain name, please contact us and don’t modify your Nameserver, we will do it for you and you won’t loose any emails.

Since the A record or DNS modification may take a few hours to be achieved, we recommend that you wait 24 hours before changing your domain name in your administration. This way, you won’t lose temporary access to your administration.

2. In Panierdachat’s admin system, go to the “Settings > Domain name” section and enter your domain name (without the “www.”)


This is too complicated or you just don’t want to do it yourself? No problem! can change the Nameservers for users who selected a subscription. Contact our team through email or chat and we will process to the modification in the shortest delays.