How to add a new user to your online store administration

Adding a user allows you to invite your team members to log in to the store by giving each one access to the components they need only.


Discover through our tutorial how to add a new user to the administration of your online store Panierdachat.

How to add a new user to your online store administration

On your merchant interface, go to your profile, by clicking on your store name at the top right of the window, then click on Users (1). 

Click on “Add a user” then on the new page enter the user’s email address (2)  and select in the Permissions field (3) the parts of the administration to which you want to give access.

Here are the different permissions you can give it:

Information about the 2 last permissions :

  • Administrator gives access to modification of the store’s package, the addition of other users and the creation of a new store by the interface.
  • Accounting gives access to the billing history and your payment cards for the monthly Panierdachat payments.

Once the user is created, an email will be sent to their email address so that they can set up their password and access the administration interface.