How to change the sender's email address

To change the sender’s email address, you must validate or authenticate your email.

In order to improve the deliverability of emails sent on your behalf from the Shopping Cart platform, we recommend validating your email address. Validation allows you to reduce the chances of finding yourself in the spam filters or spam boxes of your customers.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Reinforces a positive brand image
  • Protects your customers from cybercriminals
  • Reduces the risk of data breach
  • Reinforces the reliability of your brand
  • Improves email deliverability

When you enter an email address in the Email & Communications section of your administration, you will receive an email within seconds to validate it. When it has been confirmed and validated, your account will then send from the “From” and your customers will see your own email address.

  1. Under your administration, go to Settings / Emails and Communications
  2. Under the “Sender Email” tab, enter your email address
  3. Check your inbox for an email requesting validation of your sender address
  4. Click on the button or link to validate your email
  5. When finished, you can then send from your own email address
Example of the email to validate the sender’s address.

When your address is validated

Emails leaving the platform will be in your name and that of the validated email address. Ideally, you should use an email ending with a private domain name.

Please note that some receiving providers may display the “FROM” as [email protected] via

If your address is not validated

If your domain has not been verified, also known as authenticated, your sender email address will appear in inboxes as the email address [email protected]. By default, if an email address is not validated, emails are sent from [email protected].

Specific cases

“From Email” must be a private domain that you have access to. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the sending of emails by Shopping Cart for a domain that you do not control, such as Gmail or Yahoo, can be considered as address theft. Yahoo has specifically issued policies prohibiting third parties from sending email from a address. Second, you will need to be able to modify DNS entries to add SPF and DKIM support, which are highly recommended to increase email deliverability.”

If the sender’s email address ends in rather than your store name, your email address may show up in inboxes as [email protected] via