1and1 : How to Change the DNS of a Domain Name

You purchased a domain name on the 1&1 IONOS website and want to link it to your online store on Panierdachat?

To do this, you need to change: The nameservers

  • If you currently have no email address associated with this domain. E.g., [email protected] = you can change the nameservers now
  • If you have one or more email addresses associated with this domain, contact us before changing the nameservers so that we can scan your domain and safely proceed with the nameserver change.

How to Change Nameservers on 1&1 IONOS

Method for those without email addresses with the domain OR who have received approval from a member of our team for this modification.

First, log in to your account.

Click on the “Manage my domain” button (1).

On this new page, click on the “Name Servers” tab (2).

Here you will see the names given to the different servers your domain is currently attached to.

Click on the “Edit Name Servers” button (3).

Remove the existing nameservers and enter the Panierdachat nameservers (4):

Once done, click Save (5).

Your domain is now configured. Wait for approximately 2 hours to ensure the update has propagated across all servers before notifying Panierdachat about your domain.

See how to complete the domain linking to your store here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panierdachat offer assistance for domain configuration?
Yes, Panierdachat provides customer support available 7 days a week to help you with your domain configuration.
What is an SSL certificate and how can I set it up with my online store?
An SSL certificate secures connections between your website and its visitors. We automatically install an SSL/TLS certificate to secure transactions between your customers and you.
How can I check the availability of a domain name with 1&1 IONOS?
You can check the availability of a domain name using the domain search tool on the 1&1 IONOS website. See this article
How long does it take for DNS changes to take effect with 1&1 IONOS?
DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate fully across the Internet, although often it happens much faster.