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How to accept credit card payments with Global Payments From Desjardins ?





In partnership with Desjardins, Global Payments is a payment method used worldwide as a processor for online and offline credit card payments. For more information on Global Payments, visit

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In this short tutorial you will learn how to set up Global Payments at your online store.

On your interface Panierdachat

1. Create your account

Make the request directly from your Merchant Interface by going to the Settings tab (1), then Payments (2).  Click on the Credit Cards pane and then on Open Account (3).

2. Fill in the fields with your information then click on Send Account Application (4).

3. Once your account is created, a message will confirm your registration: Your Global Payments Desjardins information has been successfully registered (5).

One of our Desjardins representatives will contact you within 48 to 72 hours.

4. Once your registration has been validated, then click on the switch (6) to the right of the Global Payments line to activate Global Payments as a credit card provider.
Then click on the 3 points (7) then on Configure (8).


5. At the same time, you will have received an email with information that you will need to enter in the fields provided on the new page (9). Then click on Save (10).

Remember to check in the Settings – Payments page if the Global Payments line is on a green background (proof of correct activation).

That’s it, Global Payments is now functional and ready to accept online payments on your store!

It is recommended to make a test transaction on your store, as if you were a customer. This will confirm that the payment is well deposited in your account and that everything is functional.

You can make a test at 1$ to check it out.