Email forwarding

Using your own domain, we can create an email box where emails will be automatically forwarded to your preferred provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).

Example of an auto-forwarded email box:

[email protected] —— automatically redirected to ——> [email protected]

The benefits

No installation required

The main advantage is that you don’t have to install a new email box on your mobile or desktop computer. The email address forwarding service offered to merchants on the Panierdachat e-commerce platform allows you to keep your account with your current public provider. As a result, you can improve your customers’ trust in your online store by using your own email address (e.g., [email protected]) while still managing it with the same provider.

A professional image

By using your personalized email address with your own domain, your customers can receive all emails from the platform under your name. This is a significant advantage because the default email address for sent emails is [email protected]. So, once validated, your customers will see your personalized email address upon validation.


Creating an auto-forwarded email box to your address is simple and quick. The cost of creating an auto-forwarded email address is $1.79/address/month.

How to get an auto-forwarded email address:

Contact us at [email protected], mentioning your details as well as the desired email address(es) (and their redirection).