How to activate the Pause plan on your online store?


Your online shop is ephemeral, seasonal or specialized in events and you want to make it available only at certain times of the year? Or you want to take the time to think about it?

With our Pause plan, you can temporarily suspend your online store while saving its data and information on our servers.

How does the Pause plan work?

When you activate the Pause plan, you will no longer have access to the administration of your online shop, which means that you will no longer be able to work on your shop.
Visitors to your shop will see a message indicating that your shop is unavailable.

Recommandations before activating the Pause plan

Before putting your shop on standby, remember to download all your sales reports by going to Management, then Reports from your Merchant Interface.
You will only have access to your invoices for accounting purposes.

How do I activate the Pause plan?

You can activate it from your merchant interface, in your account, by clicking on your name (1) at the top right of the page, then on Change my plan (2).  At the bottom of this page, you will find the “Suspend account” button.





You can stay on the Pause plan for as long as you like.

At any time, if you wish to access information other than your profile, or when you are ready to reopen your online store, you will be able to reactivate the package you had before or select a new one by returning to your account.


The Pause plan is available at the special price of $7.95/month.


When you activate the Pause plan when a billing cycle has already started for a plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum), you will only be billed for the period during which you were connected to that plan, not for the entire month.

Invoicing is done on a pro rata basis according to the number of days. If you activate a package (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) on the 1st of the month and on the 15th of the month you activate the Standby package, you will be charged 15 days in proportion to the amount of your package and 15 days in proportion to the amount of your Standby package.