How to create product variants/options

You sell clothes, custom tools or any other products / services that can be declined, Shopping Cart is the best solution for this.

Example: You sell sports shoes. You can very easily create variants for size and color. In addition, the main image may change depending on the choice of your visitors.

How to create one or more product variants?

First of all, what is a variant?
A variant is an option given to a product. It can be a color, a size, a gift box, a guarantee, etc.

If you have not done so, watching the video will be of great help for understanding.

First, you will enter a default price (1) (Why by default? Because we assume that the majority of products have variants at the same price – the price will be copied automatically in each variant – you can modify it with each variant all the same). Same for the discounted price (2).

If you want to manage the inventory (3), a field (4) will ask you the inventory of the product, you can leave this field empty (you will add thereafter a stock for each variant).

Click on the button “Add variants” (5), a group “New” (6) by default is present. You must modify it to create your variant group. Change its name (7), choose one of the 3 variant styles (8) (see diagram below). You can thus change the name of the first variant (10), add new variants with the button (11) and then manage the presentation order (9).

  • Dropdown (A): your variations are in a drop-down list
  • Image (B): your variants are in thumbnails
  • Color (C): your variants are in colored circles

Once you have created your group of variants, you can create another group with the button (12).
The list of all your possible variants is below.

  • 13: By default, all your variants are active but you can disable them here.
  • 14: Here you will find the name of the variant (example 8 / Red)
  • 15: The field for the product / SKU code of each variant
  • 16: The regular price entered by default will be the one entered earlier
  • 17: Here you indicate the stock of this variant
  • 18: Indicate here the influence (+ / -) weight of this variant according to the basic weight indicated below in the dimensions (step 35 of the card produced here)
  • 19: If you want to display a different main image to the selection of this variant, add it there


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