How to create product variants/options

How to create product variants/options ?

First of all, a variant is a product option. It can be a color, a size, gift packaging, an added warranty, etc. Once set, variants are mandatory. Therefore, if you have an optional variant, make sure to set a variant named “none” or something like it.

Inventory management with variants 

Make sure you selected the option “manage inventory with variants”  to ensure you can attribute your inventory with each variant created.


Step 1 : Add a variant
Step 2 : Name the group. In this case: Color
Step 3: Add the color values and select the color for each

Variants final results


Influence on the price : For example, add 5 dollars if the variant adds cost to the product.
Influence on the weight : Type the weight added if the variant value adds weight to the final product.
Influence on the inventory : Adjust the number of available items depending on the variant group.
Active : You can also uncheck the combination if it isn’t available.


Here’s how it is going to be displayed on your store :


To add another value or option group of variants to make different combinations, follow the steps from the beginning once again.