How to add a Subscribers Pop-up on your online store

You want to add the pop up of your Mailchimp account in order to retrieve all the information you need when registering your visitors for your newsletter.

This article explains how to add it.

The addition is done via Google Tag Manager, you will need to be on a Gold or Platinum plan to be able to do this.

How to add the newsletter subscription pop-up to your online store.

1. Create a Mailchimp Pop-up

Watch the video below to find out how to create your Mailchimp pop up and retrieve the Script code to add it to your online store.

In a few words, connect to your Mailchimp account, then click on the Audience tab, choose the audience list to link to the pop-up. Click on Manage Audience then on Signup forms.

Create your pop up with the texts, the visuals and the configuration you want to give it. Click on View Code at the bottom right to see the Script code, copy it.

2. Add your script code to your online store with Google Tag Manager

Once your Google Tag Manager account linked to your online store, log into your Tag Manager account and follow the video below to understand how to add your code.

In some words click on Add new tag,  click on Configuration tag square, in the list choose Custom HTML. In the new field, paste the Mailchimp script code you copied earlier. Click on the Triggering square and choose All pages. Click on Save. Finally click on the blue button Submit then Publish.

Your script code is added to your online store!

For Silver and Bronze plan

You are on a Silver or Bronze plan, you can still link the Shopping Cart pop-up to your Mailchimp account.

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