Frequently asked question about
setting up your online store

How to add / edit the pop up to invite to subscribe to the newsletter

You want to add / remove / modify the window (pop up) that appears when a visitor arrives on your online store with a message inviting you to subscribe to your newsletter. Here’s how to do it.

Add a pop-up to subscribe to the newsletter at your online store

To configure this pop up, in your Panierdachat administration interface, click on “Marketing” (1) then “Newsletter” (2).

On this new page, according to your newsletter (Mailchimp or Panierdachat), click on the 3 points (3) and then on Set up (4).

Then click on the “…” button (5) then “Pop-up” (6).

(1) In this new page, make sure the box “Show registration pop-up …” is checked.
On the contrary, uncheck this box and save it so you do not have any more pop up on your online store.

(2) Add the image that will appear next to the text (the location is square, so a square image will be of better quality).
(3) Choose the title of the pop-up that will appear above the text (think of both languages if you have added English).
(4) Write your text, you can put a link, layout it as you wish. A clear pop-up without much text will always be appreciated (think of both languages if you have added English).
The field for adding the email address is added by default below your text.
(5) Click “Save” to finalize. Your pop-up is online. You can return to this page whenever you want to edit the content or disable the pop-up.