How to remove the facebook store from my page?

You installed the facebook online store tab on your facebook professional page, but it was only a test and your products aren’t ready yet? Here’s hot to remove the tab on your facebook page.

  1. First, deactivate your facebook store on Panierdachat administration. You’ll find it in Marketing > Facebook store and you can click on deactivate in red.
  2. On your facebook page, click on Settings, on the top right corner.
  3. In the left menu, click on the “modify the page” option.
  4. Beside “Boutique en ligne/Online store”, click on Settings.
  5.  Then you can deactivate the Boutique en ligne / Online store tab and save.
  6. Ready to start again? Follow the tutorial to link your Panierdachat store with a facebook store!