How to integrate my online store to Facebook

Social networks are of very useful for ecommerce merchants. To enjoy an added visibility, you can show your products directly on your Facebook professional page.

Here’s how :

  1. Log in to your merchant interface on
  2. Open the Marketing / Facebook tabBoutique en ligne Facebook
  3. Make sure to be logged in your Facebook account. Click the “Activate” button.
  4. A new tab will open, click on the “Activate” button once again.
  5. Choose and select the Business page where you would like to integrate your online store.Boutique en ligne Facebook
  6. Add the banner displayed in the header of your store on Facebook.
  7. Go to Facebook, on your Business page and make sure that your online store appears on the “Online Store”
  8. Congratulations! Your shop is now available to all of your Facebook fans.