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setting up your online store

How to remove or modify the newsletter subscription on my online store

Do not want to collect email addresses on your online store? Or do you want to change the title “Subscribe to the newsletter”? Or add a short description to explain the benefits of signing up for your newsletter?

Here, how to do it

In your administration interface of your Panierdachat online store, click Marketing (1) and then Newsletter (2).

Then choose the configuration of the newsletter Mailchimp or Panierdachat according to that which is activated on your shop.

In this page, click on the button (…) (3) and then click on “Personalization of the registration form (4).

Once on this page you can:

  • (A) Enable / disable the collection of email addresses on your shop
  • (B) Change the title seen above / next to the subscription to your newsletter
  • (C) Add, delete or modify the description. (not available on Stockholm and London)

Examples of renderings on your shop

Look on the template “Milan”
Look on the template “Venise”