How to connect your Instagram and manage the feed display?

You want to highlight your Instagram account on your store to invite your visitors to subscribe to your account.

Nothing better than displaying the latest images you’ve posted to give them a sneak peek.

Connect your Instagram account to your store

To do this, in your administration interface click on the Marketing tab (1) and then on the Instagram sub-tab (2).

On this new page click on the Connect your Instagram account button (3).

Your Instagram account is connected to your store.

Manage the display of the Instagram feed on your store

Once your Instagram account is connected, you can choose the title of your Instagram feed (A) that displays above the image feed.

You can also choose the number of images (B) you want to display between 6, 8 and 12.

The more you put in, the smaller the images will be. You can see a preview below your choices (C).

After logging in and saving, your publication feed will be displayed above the footer of all pages in your online store.