Facebook and the page do not have permission to install the custom tab message

You have a Facebook page and you have tried to add an app’s tab like Panierdachat “Online Store” tab and you’ve encountered the error “This page does not have permission to install the custom tab. ” (literally “This page does not have permission to install custom tab.”).

Facebook has many times changed its authorization rules for external applications.

The error encountered is:

This page does not have permission to install the custom tab.

API Error Code: 2069016
API Error Description: Custom tab feature is restricted to use for selected pages and apps only. We require page fans>2000 or whitelisted app.
Error Message: Access denied

Explanations are sometimes due to a Facebook page:

  • Less than 2000 fans
  • Blacklisted and therefore not allowed by Facebook

Many traders of our solution Panierdachat have already managed to link our application on their Facebook page to 400/600 fans so far from the 2000 fans requested.

Sometimes even with a Facebook page with more than 2000 fans and that is not in the blacklist of Facebook, the error appears.

At this time, it is neither the fault of the application nor yours but a mistake of Facebook. At this time, no external application tab can be added on any page.

According to Tim of their team, Facebook is encountering bugs at this level:

The least we can say is that Tim’s Facebook responses are very vague.

You can find the official discussion with Facebook about this error here to be kept up to date:

Case to follow …

Hoping that Facebook will fix this as soon as having applications like that of the online store Panierdachat is important for small traders or new pages.

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