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How to make a full or partial refund to a client

A customer requests a refund for the entire order or a part of it, you can make the refund directly on the shopping cart Panierdachat interface with any means of payment offered.

How to make a refund on Panierdachat

In your merchant interface, click on the Management tab (1) then the Orders tab (2).

Consult one of your orders by clicking on its number or on the customer’s name (3).

In the order details, click on Action (4) then on the option Make a refund (5)

A pop up window open. By default, it’s the total amount (remaining if you have already made a partial refund) of the order which will be displayed in field A, you can modify it as you wish.

If you have changed and wish to refund the entire order, you can check box B to ensure that you refund the entire order amount.
Click on Valid (6) to confirm the refund.