How to forward from one domain name to another

You have several domain names for your activity and you want them all to be directed to the same page?

We explain everything you need to know to configure this.

Reasons to want to forward a domain name

A domain name forwarding can be done for several reasons, such as:

  • avoid a common mistake on your name (for example who bought
  • you change your company name and wish to forward visits from your old domain name to the new one (good for your Google SEO and for your visitors)
  • you had several sites each with a domain name and you want to group them all on the same site
  • each activity can have its own reason.

Choose your main domain name

First of all, you will have to choose your main domain name. This domain name is the one that will be listed on the Domain name page of your Panierdachat merchant interface.

The steps to configure a domain name forwarding

To explain the steps to configure a forwarding, we will take the GoDaddy registrar as an example.

In the configuration of your domain name click on Manage DNS (1).

At the bottom of this page, you can find the Forwarding section, and click Add (2) to the right of Domain name (or Sub-domain if you want to forward a sub-domain of this domain name to your main domain).

In the forwarding settings, choose the address to which you want to redirect. Panierdachat stores are always secure, so choose https: // (3) then enter the domain name without www in field (4).

If you wish to make this forwarding for long term, choose the type 301 (5). If you want to make this transfer for a short period (less than 7 months) before reusing it, then choose 302.

You have two forward options with or without masking (6).

The transfer without masking allows you to forward your visitors to your main domain name and show them this new name.
Eg. : Florist Panierdachat Laurie-Anne changed her first domain name to In order to show the new domain name of her shop, she did not put masking.

The transfer with masking allows you to forward your visitors to your main domain name BUT without changing the address, your visitors will not have the impression of being on another address.
This is also called “invisible or transparent redirect”, the visitor will not see he has been forwarded.

Once this is set, remember to save (7).

This forwarding can take 1 minute to 1 hour to be effective.