How to display my categories on my homepage?

When we released the London theme/template, we’ve put upfront this new feature, to display categories on the homepage.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Creating the squares that will introduce the categories

    If you don’t own Photoshop, you can always use another solution, just like Pixlr, which is free and available on the web.

  2. Category edition

    When navigating, you will find your categories in Catalog > Categories menu. Select the wanted category and click on the pencil to edit.

  3. Display on the homepage

    Scroll your screen until the end, where you will see “Display on home page” Click on Browse to select the image you worked on earlier. Your image will require a minimum size of 700 x 700 pixels. If you activated French, you will be able to add a different image. Click on Save.

  4. Display your image online

    Back on the category list, you will find the column “Visible at homepage” You will be able to click on the eye besides the category wanted. When the eye is green, the square will be published on your homepage. Click on Save.

  5. Make sure the look is okay!

    On top right of your window, you’ll find “View my store”. Click on it and you will see, below your image carousel, your category’s square, displayed.