How to customize your menu bar on your online store?

As you know, Panierdachhat tries to be the most optimal in the ease and speed of creation and management of your online store.

To give the most possibility of customization to our merchants we developed the Management of the menus in the administration of the shops.

Which templates have the customization of the Menus?
7 templates take advantage of the menus customization:

  • Stockholm
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo
  • Copenhagen
  • Milan
  • London
  • Madrid

For information, the next template to take advantage of the menu customization will be Venice

Why are we talking about “Menus” in the plural?
With this page you can modify 2 menus:

  • The menu at the top of your online store (menu bar)
  • The menu in your foot of site (footer)

What can you add in the menus?

  • Categories
  • Some products
  • The blog or its articles
  • Pages
  • Custom links
  • The whole shop

The video that explains you step by step how to customize your menu bar (header).

The result :

Tips :

  • To create a custom tab to add some pages in this tab, you must choose a “Link Title” and in “link URL” enter a # (example in the video above with “Chinese New Year”)
  • To create subtab, you have to drag and drop the gray square to the right under the main tab that you want. (You can create sub-sub-tab … up to 5 levels)
  • To switch between the customization of the “Header” menu and the “Footer” menu you must choose from the list the desired menu on the Visual / Menus page after “Menu type to edit”.