How to customize the name of my shipping method?

Do you find that the names of shipping methods are not fun enough or do not represent enough your delivery method? It’s now possible to customize the names!

In order to better respond to the growing diversity of our merchants, we have set up the possibility of changing the names of the shipping methods of the Panierdachat stores.

Customize according to your desires the name of your shipping method

In your merchant interface, click Settings (1) and then Shipping (2).

According to the shipping method, click on the 3 points of the line (3) and then on Set up (4).

In field (5), enter the word or phrase you want to replace the default term. You can put up to 50 characters.

Remember to do this in French and English if your shop is bilingual (A).

Click Save (6) to upload your change.

Go see on your shop to confirm the rendering 🙂