How to set up delivery options for some of your products

Are any of your products oversized or underweight? You can now add shipping rules for some of your products.

Find out in this tutorial how to set up shipping for these products.

How to set up delivery options for some of your products

From your merchant interface, click on the Catalog tab (1) then on Products (2).

Enter the product file for your product and access the Product Options pane (3).

Scroll down to the Delivery Option pane for this product (4) and select the desired delivery option.

You will have the possibility to :

  • Allow delivery: is the default option that allows you to display the shipping and pickup methods you have configured.
  • Do not allow delivery: only in an order or with other products with this option, no delivery method will be displayed; only the option pick up in store will be offered.
  • Offer delivery: will be applicable if the product is alone in the cart or with other products with free delivery; if it is present in the cart with other products without free delivery, it will not be taken into account in the calculation of shipping costs from an external supplier.