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How to add a promotional code?

A promotional code allows you to apply a percentage discount or a set amount. You can use it to benefit your subscribers to the newsletter, create a limited time sale, or as a credit in the shop.

Here’s how to add a new promotional code

In your merchant interface, click Marketing (1) then Promotional Codes (2). You will find a list of all your promotional codes here.

Click on the green button Add a promotional code (3)

In your new page, you can create the promotional code you want:

1 Start by giving a name to your promo code. It can contain letters and numbers (our system will not distinguish between upper and lower case – do not put space in the code).

2 Check “All currencies”, if you want the promo to be available for all or choose one in particular.

3 Enter an amount in $ or percentages (%) that will be applied to the customer’s bill.

4 Use may be unlimited or may be for single use only.
You can also allow, for example a predefined number of uses (10 uses only for example)

5 Applicable dates: If this promotional code does not concern a particular period, you can leave the fields blank

6 Minimum and maximum amount: If these two rules do not apply, you can leave the fields blank as well.
The use of a minimum amount is recommended because more interesting u marketing level;)

7 Free shipping can be added to the promo code.
* Note that a promotional code works first with a discount, it can not allow free shipping alone, it must be combined with a discount.

8 You can apply the code to the entire catalog or select specific products to which you want to apply the discount.

When you click Save, your code will be ready!

Feel free to test a purchase with the promotional code to see if it applies as you wish.