Canada Post services explained

Options that allow shoppers to choose how they want their item to be delivered:

Deliver to Post Office:
Allows shoppers to have their parcel delivered directly to a Post Office of their choice rather than having it sent to their home.

Leave At the Door:
Allows shoppers to elect to have their parcel left at a safe location on their property if they are not home for delivery. If a safe location is not available, their parcel will be made available for pickup at the designated post office.

Card (Hold) for Pickup:
Allows shoppers to receive a Delivery Notice Card at their address and have their parcel forwarded to the designated post office.

Do Not Safe Drop:
Allows shoppers to elect for a delivery attempt at the door, and, if no one is available to receive the parcel and the parcel does not fit in the mail box, then the parcel will be made available for pickup at the designated post office.

In the merchant’s parameters, the merchant may choose to apply these options or not, totally or in part.

Ensures that a personal hand-off of the parcel occurs, along with a record of the recipient’s name and signature.

Proof of Age:
When the receiver appears to be less than 25 years of age, a photo identification will be requested. The recipient’s name and signature will be captured.

Proof of Identity:
In-person authentication of the intended recipient will be captured. The recipient will be required to show photo ID, and the ID data elements will be captured and transferred to the shipper.  *** This option is not currently available via our Web Services.

Additional Liability Coverage:
Most parcel services include up to $100 Liability Coverage against loss or damage. Additional Liability Coverage can be purchased.

Collect on Delivery (COD):
The recipient must pay the COD amount as specified by the shipper before the item is handed over.

A surcharge will be applied to oversized parcels

Mailing tube:
A surcharge will be applied to mailing tubes that are cylindrical in shape, as they incur higher handling costs. Non-cylinder-shaped containers (e.g. triangular shape) avoid the surcharge

A surcharge will be applied to any item shipped without packaging