I already have a Paypal account, how can I connect it to my online store?

To be able to accept payments by Paypal on your online store, you need of course a PayPal account ready to receive money.

The different types of PayPal accounts

If you have always used a PayPal account to buy online, this is surely a personal account.

Now that you want to be online as a merchant / company, you will need to adjust your PayPal account. And this is done in 1 click by switching from a Personal account to a Premier account.

The 3 types of Paypal accounts:

  • Personal: only allows you to buy online
  • Premier: allows to buy and sell online occasionally
  • Business: allows you to buy and sell online as a professional

Integration with your online store

The integration and connection of your online store with your Paypal account will be done by following the easy steps of this little tutorial How to set up my Paypal Express account.

Once logged in, you will receive money from your orders directly into your Paypal account.