Frequently asked question about
setting up your online store

Which languages and currencies are accepted?

Panierdachat, an e-commerce platform, is fully bilingual in English and in French in the merchant interface. You can also set the pages of your online store to be available in both or in either English or French. The pages are also fully optimized for Google. From the interface, plug-in free, you may set the different titles and descriptions in either langage. This will allow Google to index your site’s content in English and in French.

Canadian and US currencies are accepted at the moment as well as the Euro since 2016. To accept all the currencies jointly on the e-commerce platform, you must use Stripe as your online payment service provider. You will also be able to set your prices separately, with no automatic currency adjustment.

Please note that a customer may purchase from another country in Canadian dollars. They will then be charged in their currency directly on their credit card, at the current exchange rate.