Which languages and currencies are accepted?

The e-commerce platform Panierdachat is completely bilingual in French and English in the administrator interface.

For setting the pages of your online store, the platform is also in:

  • French
  • English

And this, fully optimized for Google.

You can directly in the interface, without adding “plugin” or other manipulation, define titles and descriptions in both languages. You will be able to address your customers in their language. This will allow Google to index your web content in French and English.

The available currencies are:

  • The Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • The US dollar (USD)
  • The euro (EUR)

You will be able to choose the amount of your products for each of the currencies independently.

A customer can buy from another country in the Canadian currency. It will be charged in its currency directly to its credit card, along with the exchange rate of the bank.