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Import CSV

Written by Florian
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February 14 2024 (Mis à jour le 15 February 2024)
3 min

Initial data import

Start by going to Catalog, then import your inventory.

Click to download the sample file provided by our platform. This file will help you understand the format required for import.


Open the sample file and insert your data in the appropriate columns. (If an error message is displayed, open the file directly via Excel, selecting the text file format).

Save your .csv file with your changes.

Then go to the import tool on our platform and import your .csv file.


Click on the ‘Validate’ button. Our system will then check your file for errors.

If no errors are detected, click on ‘Insert’ to add your data to your store.

Update inventory

To update your inventory, go to “Catalog > Product > Export products” at the bottom of the table, to download a .csv file of your current inventory.


Open this file and make any necessary changes. You can add, modify or delete products as required.

Once you’ve made your changes, import the updated .csv file into our import tool as described above.

If you wish to customize the update, check the ‘Customize update’ option. You can then choose the action to be performed on each column.


Click on ‘Validate’ to allow our system to check your file.

Then click on ‘Insert’ to update your inventory with the changes you’ve made.


Deleting products

If you wish to delete certain products, start by exporting your inventory by going to “Catalog > Product > Export inventory”.

Open the .csv file and delete the products you wish to keep. The remaining products in the file will be deleted from your store.

Import the modified .csv file into our import tool.

Check the ‘Delete all’ option. This will remove all products listed in the .csv file from your store.

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