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8 Marketing strategies to boost your sales for Valentine's Day 

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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February 19 2021 (Mis à jour le 8 March 2024)
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Valentine’s Day buying trends have changed a lot over the years. And with the situation, consumers will spend more this year on their relatives, friends, pets or even themselves.

Taking into consideration the overall trend in online shopping, more consumers are expected to order online this year despite the economic challenges.

So, even if you are not selling traditional products for Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity and use this event to generate traffic to your Panierdachat’s online store.

We share 8 marketing strategies to boost your sales for Valentine’s Day.

Interesting Figures

After Black Friday and with the Holiday season, Valentine’s Day is part of the 2nd biggest shopping highlight.

27.4 billion dollars in gifts would have been spent in 2020 according to the National Retail Federation (against 20 billion in 2019) and it is expected that 2021 will follow the same trend.

In 2020, more than 1/3 of Valentine’s Day spending was for family members, other than a spouse, and spending on friends and pets was also higher.

Valentine’s Day has thus become more of a day to show appreciation and gratitude to loved ones.

The sales potential is thus significant since the related expenses now reach a wider audience.

Usually, half of the buyers plan to start shopping in the first week of February with a peak in the week of February 14th.

More than 30% of purchases are also made on February 14th itself. So keep in mind that there may be some last minute orders.

With this data and buying habits in mind, make sure you have the right e-commerce tools to satisfy your customers on time.

Here are 8 strategic e-commerce tips to implement for a successful Valentine’s Day.

8 Marketing strategies to boost your sales for Valentine’s Day

1. Optimize your shop for seasonal referencing

Seasonal content should be part of your SEO strategy: by creating quality, relevant and seasonal content, your chances of appearing in search engines are increased tenfold.

This is one of the first things you need to focus on and this as early as January at the earliest.

You could create content, be it landing pages or blog posts, around this topic, with keywords related to Valentine’s Day and the products you offer.

To do this, you can use tools such as Google Keywords planner to consult and select the most relevant keywords.

A few tips :

  • Think about adapting your meta descriptions to this period
  • Integrate outbound links to your product pages
  • Share your content on social networks

A few ideas :

  • Top 10 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, Edition 2021
  • The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Small Budgets 
  • Unique gifts for a successful Valentine’s Day

2.  Create a Special Collection for Valentine’s Day

Help stimulate the imagination of your customers with a gift guide.

Select items from your online shop that can be great as “For him”, “For her”, “For a dear friend” gifts. Think about widening your target group.

Bring your Valentine’s Day gift ideas to the forefront by adding a collection of Valentine’s Day gifts to the main navigation of your online shop.

Valentine’s Day collection by our dealer Chez Farfelu.
Valentine’s Day collection by our dealer Rose Bon Bon.

3.  Create gift boxes

Browse through your product catalogue and select complementary products that could be grouped together to offer packages.

Gift pack proposed by our merchant Rose Bon.

Even if you don’t sell the products traditionally bought for Valentine’s Day (chocolates, flowers, jewellery etc.), you could also offer gift packs for couples who encourage them to buy the same product twice.

4.  Adapt your home page 

A few tips :

  • Put your collection and products in the spotlight so that they appear on the home page.

  • Highlight your collection and/or your pages linked to Valentine’s Day in the banner on the home page
  • Surprise your customers as soon as they arrive with an original and incentive pop up window
  • Spread a fun message on this occasion in your header banner 
  • Adapt your theme, look, atmosphere, colours of your homepage and/or your entire online shop to create the right atmosphere and shopping experience for your visitors.

5. Create special gift cards

Gift cards are an effective tool in facilitating the purchasing process and offering more freedom in the purchasing decision.

Don’t hesitate to offer a whole different range of gift cards.

6. Offer a gift to your customers

Engage your visitors to encourage them to buy through various promotions.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer free delivery or adapt your delivery options: Choose express delivery in 2 days so that your order is delivered in time for February 14th!
  • Offer a free Valentine’s Day themed gift with the purchase of a product
  • Win a gift after participating in a competition

7.  Offer a gift wrapping service

Offer a gift wrapping service and adding personalised messages to enhance the customer experience can be a very useful additional option, as most orders are sent directly to the recipient.

8. Create an email marketing campaign

Consider complementing your strategy with an automated email marketing campaign to inform them of future promotions.

A few tips :

  • Segment your lists by gender
  • Redirect your customers to your special Valentine’s Day collection
  • Encouraging pre-orders by communicating about a Valentine’s Day pre-sale
  • Think about promoting your special gift cards
  • Work on the message, the design and the visuals you want to promote in your emailing.

Holiday periods such as Valentine’s Day offer real opportunities for online retailers to increase their sales. If your marketing campaigns are anticipated, well thought out and well executed, they can act as a very effective lever to convert your new customers into repeat customers.

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