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How to activate a registered member who doesn't receive the confirmation email

One of your customers can not log in to his account on your e-commerce site Panierdachat?

Besides the fact that he has forgotten his password and does not enter the correct one, the most frequent explanation is the fact that your customer has never confirmed his registration by clicking on the confirmation link sent to his email address.

He may tell you that he never received it, but it may be due:

  • The message is in its box file “Junk”
  • The customer has entered a wrong email address
  • The customer does not see the mail
  • He deleted it

In order not to slow down your customer in his purchase on your shop, we have made it possible for you to activate their member accounts in the place of your customer.

But first of all make sure that the customer’s email is good so that eventually he receives all these emails order confirmation, shipping and all your communications to him.

Here are the steps to activate Member accounts

In your merchants interface, click the Management tab (1) and then Members (2).

With the column “Active account” you can see if an account is activated or not. An account activated with a tick (✓), an account not activated at ø (A).

Check the lines of the addresses you want to activate (3) and then at the bottom of the table in Batch action, choose “Activate member (s)” (4) and click on “Ok” (5).

The selected members are activated and your customers can now log in to their customer account and place an order.

PS: your visitors / customers do not necessarily need an account to place an order on your online store.