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I've received my first sale, what now?

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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March 14 2024
2 min

Congratulations! The process has begun!

Your first online sale marks the beginning of a great adventure in online commerce. So what’s next?

Here’s what to do from here, which you can repeat every time. You’ll see, it’s easy! Don’t have your online store yet? Start an online store with Panierdachat quickly!

1. Check the invoice

First sale - summary of customer invoice

First, you can find your latest orders on the admin panel directly, and you can find all your orders in the Management / Orders menu. Also, check the “Customer Message” field. Did the customer leave a note that requires a response from you?

2. Check the payment

Above all, make sure that the amount has been deposited into your account! The platform currently offers 4 payment processors: Paypal, Stripe, Desjardins Evolution (Paysafe), and Moneris. To verify that the amount has been received into your account, you’ll need to log in to your payment processor’s administration since Panierdachat does not directly manage your finances.

Haven’t received payment?

  • Have you correctly used the live keys instead of the test keys?
  • Have you copied and pasted your keys correctly (no missing characters)?
  • Also, have you entered the account number assigned to you correctly? (Certain payment methods only)

3. Check the shipping method

Among the many options offered on Panierdachat, you’ve selected one. Supership and Canada Post allow you to print the shipping label directly in the platform.

Also, did the customer’s purchase amount qualify for free shipping? If you’ve set up Supership, you can send the package directly through Panierdachat. Alternatively, you can do it in the Canada Post administration or by other means.

4. Anything special for this first sale?

It’s your first sale! Consequently, you could offer a small card offering 10% (offer a promo code!) off the store to your customer. Additionally, if you want to be more creative, why not add confetti and a handwritten “thank you!“?

And finally, congratulations, you’ve successfully gone through the process!

Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions for the next steps, or if you’d like to take advantage of our complementary services.

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