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How I made my first online sale

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
March 14 2024
2 min

Starting a Business

Starting a new business is a big project, and making your first online sale is as well. In the past, I had an online jewelry store selling Quebec-made jewelry. So here, I’ll share my journey to enlighten future entrepreneurs.

Making Our Product Known for Online Sales

When introducing a new product online, our first mission is to make it known. There are several ways to do this, whether through online sales or via other channels.

Personally, I really focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to climb in search engine results. At the time, 10 years ago, SEO was a cutting-edge practice, so my online store benefited from an initiative that was less common. This allowed me to grow sales locally but also significantly internationally.

Learning from Every Opportunity

My first steps to attract customers were to work on the organic ranking of my online store. I worked on it for several weeks, becoming an expert in the field!

Quickly, search engine optimization attracted a lot of visitors. We then worked on optimizing my website to make it attractive and meet the needs of my customers right from the homepage.

Capitalizing on the Success of Online Sales

A customer visiting our online store and deciding to buy something is usually open to other offers. It’s possible to increase your online sales by seizing this opportunity.

To do this, we developed related or recommended products, opened a “wedding jewelry” section and a “children’s jewelry” section to increase the average basket amount. The goal was to offer a wide range of Quebec-made jewelry and meet as many needs of my clientele as possible to optimize sales on my online store.

And that First Online Sale?

As we implement a comprehensive strategy across multiple channels to generate sales, it’s impossible to say what worked from the start. All initiatives are good, just test, refine, and try again!

In the beginning, when I had a sale, I called my mother! It was an event every time! I would be lying if I said online sales happened overnight. However, after a few years, I was able to achieve a very acceptable turnover, which allowed me to sell the business afterwards.

In short, don’t give up at the first failure and seize every opportunity to develop your market!

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