Optimize your online store

10 useful free tools to improve your online store

With Panierdachat, all the merchants sell with optimized online store (light, fast, mobile and tablet friendly, built for the best optimization etc.).

However, in order to use this optimization to their advantage, merchants must:

  • Do not make mistakes
  • Optimize their content

For the 1st point, we have already written the article “8 mistakes e-commerce shops to avoid to sell more” which allows you to set up an optimized store and ready to increase its sales.

For the 2nd point, this article is going to help you. With your shop you have a sports car, it’s up to you to fill the gasoline with quality content.

10 online tools that will help you improve the content of your e-commerce site

1) Squoosh

Online shopping platforms, such as Panierdachat, lighten your images to keep web pages fast and optimized. However, if your original file is very heavy, it may still be too heavy once online and slow down your site.

Before uploading your images to your online store, go to Squoosh an dit will allow you to decrease the weight of your images without losing their quality. Other service : TinyPNG

2) Unsplash

Stocks photography websites are numerous on the web. But Unsplash is the one that stands out with original and quality photos from amateur photographers around the world and for free.

Say bye to the pictures from “stock photography” with a white background and enjoy a very large choice of quality photo more human that will make the difference on your website.

3) Google Alerts

Ever wanted to know if web sites were talking about you in the vastness of the web or being easily kept informed of new articles about a particular topic?

Google alerts is the essential tool! Add the topic you want to follow: your business name, your competitor, the name of your products, your market … and receive every days an email with the list of new pages referring to these topics.

You will know everything about your business and you will never be late for your competitors.

4) Ubersuggest

You add new products, informative pages or blog articles but you don’t know what to indicate as “SEO Title” to reach the maximum query on search engines and attract the maximum potential customers?

Ubersuggest answers you with a few clicks. In the free “Keyword” tools, Uber Suggest is the cleanest and most intuitive. In just a few clicks, depending on your language and country, find the most searched keywords and phrases for your product or topic and create your optimized web pages based on your customers’ research.

5) Canva Logo Maker

You know the importance of a professional logo and how much it can give confidence and seduce your audience but you are not a web designer and the names of Photoshop or Illustrator are already hurting your head?

Canva offers you its Logo Maker. In a few simple steps like, enter your company name or choose from a small list the 5 logos you like, Canva give you a list of dozens of customizable logos to your taste and that can be download in 1 click.

So if you still do not have your design and modern company logo, run it!

6) 411 and the online directories

When a website references your e-commerce site, it brings you potential new visitors and can even optimize your SEO by creating a backlink of your site. And if you have a lot of backlinks, Google will take your business seriously.

411.ca like many other online directories (more or less important) offers you the opportunity to create a page and insert your web link. So, never hesitate to have yourself referenced and create new incoming links.

We even created a list of 10 influential directories in Canada and free to increase your inbound links.

You can see for free all the web pages that reference your site or one of its pages with SEO Reviews Tool.

7) Answer The Public

On Google and search engines, there are many questions. And if you know the questions people are asking about your products or your business, do you think it will be a plus?

The answer is a big YES of course. In the same idea as the “Keyword Finder”, Answer The Public differentiates itself by listing you in a fun and original way the list of questions that the net-surfers ask around the keyword searched for.

What happens if you take these questions back to blog posts that respond to them 😉

8) Powr

Would you like to add to one of the pages of your e-commerce site a personalized contact form according to your activity? Or a gallery of beautiful pictures of your products?

Powr.io is for you. This site offers you to easily create many plugins to add to the pages of your site in a simple copy / paste code iframe.

So add to your pages in a few minutes, for free and 100% personalized: a contact form, a feed of your publications on social networks, a new carousel or the possibility to add comments and ratings to name only them.

9) Google Search Console

You must be familiar with it, but if you don’t, you MUST START it right away. Because Google is where your site can attract 80% of your new customers, you need to know where you are positioned.

The Google Search Console (as it is called) allows you to see the keywords that displayed your site on Google and the number of people who clicked on your link. You can see your average position, the number of click, impressions, and the CTR (Clicks / Impressions).

With this webtool you can optimize the pages that are most visited to be the most possible seller and improve the ones that are poorly referenced.

PS: The shopping cart shops are automatically added to the Search Console to collect information as soon as you open it.

10) Panierdachat

If you have read this list, you must already have your own e-commerce site. But we must present you Panierdachat.

Create in Quebec, Panierdachat offers thousands of merchants online bilingual shops, optimized for search engines and all-inclusive. No need to add paid pluggins to your package for an English version, a newsletter or payment providers, everything is configured for you and included in your package.

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