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10 free SEO directories to improve the SEO of your online store

How to improve your website SEO?

In the world of website optimization, you have to work on SEO to position yourself well on search engines. But how exactly do we do it?

When selling online, it is important to have good visibility for your business on the internet. For this, there are social networks, email campaigns or newsletters and optimization / SEO of the e-Commerce store. It is on this last topic that we will linger because it is about improving your notoriety and thus increase the ranking of your online store on Google. In this way, you will attract more qualified traffic to the shop.

How to create external links to improve my online reputation?

In fact, creating links (“backlinks” in the SEO world) on external directories will not directly bring traffic to your online store because these directories are not very traffic busy. However, getting a link to your store from these directories tells Google, for example, that you have visibility and notoriety. See your store as a politician who tries to collect the most votes to boost visibility, credibility and notoriety and win the election … By collecting more inbound links, you’ll improve your search engine rankings.

backlinks pour les boutiques en ligne
The more links to your online store, the more it will perform in search engine rankings

In summary, adding your business to these directories will help you in your business and digital visibility. This is an “off-page” SEO technique that is very effective. The more inbound links you have, the higher your ranking will improve over time.

N.B. This non-exhaustive list of free seo directories will allow you, within a few weeks, to improve your ranking on search engines. Do not forget to create a different description of your business on each of these directories!

10 online directories to improve your SEO











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