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E-commerce product sheet: 10 ideas to make it perfect

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
February 19 2021 (Mis à jour le 4 July 2022)
6 min

As an online retailer, attracting visitors to your online store is a real challenge. But making conversions is another!

The product data sheet can have a very important influence. It is the decisive key element in the process and the purchase decision as it is the preliminary step before adding to the shopping cart.

A good product page should give the technical characteristics of a product, present the advantages and strengths of the product using catchy arguments and attractive visuals to awaken the desire to make a purchase.

Here are 10 tips to optimise the content of your product sheets on your online shop Panierdachat by making them attractive and convincing and find out the best practices for designing product sheets to convert your visitors into customers.

5 advantages of a good product sheet

In addition to the primary objective of generating more sales, a successful product sheet will also contribute to :

  • Increase your average basket
  • Limiting and discouraging basket abandonment
  • Reduce product returns
  • Increase your visibility by improving your natural referencing
  • And therefore your notoriety

10 design keys for a perfect e-commerce product sheet

In order to design a successful product sheet, in addition to the basic elements, you need to think about integrating advanced actions and functionalities taking into account the customer experience in order to be able to meet their expectations.

Create a clear and simple layout with content that is complete but essential and relevant.

The questions to ask :

  • Is your product sheet clear?
  • Is your product sheet sufficiently detailed?
  • Does it encourage action?

Good practices : 

  • Your product page should focus on the product itself while remaining consistent with the values of your brand or company
  • Add elements of assurance to give confidence to your customers
  • Controlling your message and value proposition

These examples below will help you to answer them and adjust your product sheets.

1. Take care of the star image 

The main image of your product is the first impression of your product since your customer’s eye will be directly on it.

It is from this image that your customer will decide to continue to navigate to the product page; hence the importance of the quality of the visuals, which is the number one transformation criterion.

Example of a main image of a product sheet for e-commerce.
Example of a main image for an e-commerce product sheet.

Pay attention to the quality and weight of your images, which can have an impact on page loading; rest assured! Panierdachat takes care of resizing automatically to the right size for a better quality and weight of the image.

2. Add additional content and visuals 

Image galleries are another important aspect of the design of your product pages.

Usually white, light or neutral backgrounds are preferred to highlight your product in e-commerce.

Usually white, light or neutral backgrounds are preferred to highlight your product in e-commerce.

It is also a good idea to include images in context, placed in a setting to show the product from different angles and in different contexts and settings.

Contextualization of the Macramé Boho product by our dealer Espace Flo.

As the product can neither be touched nor manipulated, this helps your customers to better visualise the whole product and thus reassure them.

This can be 360-degree images, a quick preview;

SAT jewellery quick preview function by our dealer Studio Mineral Design.

Or a Zoom feature that Panierdachat offers to see more details of the product.

Product Zoom feature Fossil watch by our jewellery dealer Oracle Jewellery.

3.  Write a concise and detailed description

According to one study, 50% of consumers have already returned an item because it did not match the description given.

The description of your product page is therefore fundamental and involves positioning yourself in your customer’s shoes to determine the right information to put forward according to their expectations and requirements.

This is the element on which you must stand out to create interest by creating a need and call for action.

Disseminate the information in stages, divide your sheet into several parts in order to prioritise the essential points, for example by using bullet points to organise and list certain details.

The description should be clear and transparent to build confidence and present the competitive advantages and benefits of the product. The description should also use sensations or benefits to convince people to buy.

A few tips :

  • Keep descriptions simple and short
  • Get to the point
  • Include all technical specifications (colors, sizes, strength), properties, indications, advice for use, components, ingredients, provenance etc.
Example of product-specific technical descriptions from our Pure Aroma dealer.
  • Include any information that may be relevant such as logistical information (shipping cost, return and refund policy, availability of the item in the shop etc.), product warranty, product badges to create a sense of exclusivity or urgency.
Personalize the badge displayed on your products with Panierdachat.
  • Be creative: you can add storytelling, tell a story about the product to make it original and attractive
  • Finally, personalize your descriptions so that they are unique and adapted to the target.

4.  Include interactive elements

Consider adding interactive elements such as :

  • product demos
Include product demos in your product sheet.
  • tutorials, design tools in pdf or video format
  • animations etc.

allowing your customer to better understand the product.

5. Use emotional triggers

Mixing informative, educational and emotional content is a way to connect with your customers and stand out from your competitors.

Offer a free gift with every purchase from our Sampson Ecoshop merchant.

6.  Use cross selling, complementary and incentive selling

Suggest additional sales to offer complementary products (cross-selling) to your customers in order to complete their selection and for you, to increase your average basket but also to reduce the bounce rate.

Add a section of products recommended by our merchant Rose Bonbon.

You can also propose similar products to offer more choice to your customers but always remain relevant and in line with the original product.

7.  Social network sharing buttons

Activating secondary call to action buttons for sharing on social networks is a technique that will help to stimulate the engagement of your customers.

It will also allow you to offer more visibility by sharing on external platforms whether your product has been purchased or not.

Addition of social network sharing buttons by our merchant Chikiboom.

8. Integration of customer reviews and testimonials

To convince your customer visitors to trust your brand and your products, offer them to evaluate your products and have them appear on your product page.

Integration of customer reviews by our merchant CanEmpire.

You will thus give the image of a brand concerned about customer satisfaction and thus establish a relationship of proximity and trust.

9.  Use conversational tools

You can activate a link to a FAQ page or a chatbot to involve human interaction and orientation and the personalised guidance and support needed to guide in the right choice of product.

Integration of a live chat by our merchant Les Coifferies d’Annie.

10.  Think about enriched content for your SEO

Do not neglect the meta data of your product sheets (balise meta title et description) so that they are optimised for your natural referencing. This will allow you to go up in search engines and attract quality traffic.

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