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The Digital Turn of Retail Commerce in Quebec

Written by Michael Villeneuve
March 14 2024
2 min

For over 25,000 small businesses in Quebec, making the “digital shift” to the online world is not an easy task. Understanding the implications, operations, costs, and profitability of the digital world will be a necessary step towards the financial growth of a healthy business.

The Government of Quebec, in partnership with the CQCD (Conseil Québécois du Commerce de Détail), has allocated a budget of nearly 5 million dollars to support retailers in their digital transition.

What is the digital shift?

The proposed government solution is to accompany and support retailers in their success in online sales and e-commerce through a two-year program.

To this end, the CQCQ has chosen Panierdachat as the e-commerce solution provider to help retailers make the proposed digital shift.

What will be the steps of the digital shift?

1. Start-up and diagnosis

Starting in the digital world requires reflection, involvement, and knowledge. A business plan, targeted clientele, knowing your competitors, and how to achieve it are prerequisites. Don’t forget to define your objective!

2. Choice of provider

Selling online requires time, involvement, and often a marketing budget. All of this, in line with your financial and digital objectives. With its affordable rates, Panierdachat offers an e-commerce solution perfectly designed for Quebec retailers.

Designed, developed, and fully hosted in Quebec, Panierdachat stands out for its ease of use and its fast and dedicated customer service. The bilingualism of the e-commerce platform, as well as the automated management of Canadian and international tax rules, make Panierdachat a perfectly adapted tool for Quebec merchants.

Merchants will have automated order management, the choice of payment providers for accepting online credit cards, and shipping options (Supership offers up to 65% discount on shipping!). All of this contributes, facilitates, and allows the retailer to focus on increasing sales rather than technical maintenance of an online store.

Panierdachat offers a scalable e-commerce solution, optimized for SEO, and fully managed in the “Canadian Cloud.” Maintenance of the solution is entirely handled by our team of engineers. Panierdachat can handle the highest web traffic spikes.

Panierdachat was designed for ease of use. Indeed, inventory management, adding products, variants to products (colors, sizes, dimensions, etc.), images, and automatic optimizations for search engines all contribute to the healthy management of an online store’s inventory. See the Help section for more information.

3. Marketing

Selling online requires a different sales strategy than having a physical store. Indeed, everyone is competing with other online stores on specific search terms. You must therefore plan a marketing budget (Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing). This budget will allow you to push the visibility of your online store as high as possible in search results. Since organic results don’t happen overnight, we propose targeting potential customers through an advertising campaign via Google Adwords (the results that retailers pay for to compete on certain keywords). This way, you’ll attract highly targeted traffic while monetizing it.

The presentation of your products is also an important factor for online sales. The quality of your product photos must be professional and of impeccable quality. The textual description serves to convince your customers that this product is exceptional.

Evolving with the platform is very easy and allows you to obtain experienced technical support. Very useful in making decisions during the digital shift!

Graphic design and search engine optimization services are effective and will allow you to obtain a professional look at a fraction of the cost and time of custom development.

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