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The advantages of Quebec retailers over Amazon

Written by Michael Villeneuve
March 15 2024
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The news is out, without much surprise from many players in the field: Amazon surpasses Quebec retailers in terms of sales.

It’s news that may seem demoralizing, but I believe, on the contrary, that businesses should understand why Amazon has gained market share in online commerce. Amazon is a giant, a titan, massive, with significant resources and power.

Some lessons for our companies… Drawn from Amazon

Amazon obviously has a pricing strategy. For example, if you have similar products to Amazon and don’t have a pricing strategy, there’s a problem. With a pricing strategy comes automatically the volume needed to keep the machine running.

Amazon needs more volume to cover its expenses. It should be noted that Amazon’s model with its resellers allows it to have a very diversified offer, interesting volume, and royalties without merchandise acquisition costs.

It remains one business model among many. There isn’t just one model that is interesting. With these figures, should Quebec retailers give up or double their efforts? Giving up is a slow death, like the Sears banners or others that preceded them. Go for it!

What is David’s strength against Goliath in online commerce?

As small and medium-sized businesses, the local aspect is a real advantage. Why? Because customers have more options/facilities regarding returns. Also, because the product is more specialized, unique, and personalized.

It’s important to communicate these advantages and, for goodness’ sake, work on the quality and optimization of the experience during and after sales.

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