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SEO: Be in the first Google results with Panierdachat

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
July 5 2019 (Mis à jour le 13 March 2024)
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We teach you nothing, to sell online, you must achieve 3 steps:

  • Make yourself known
  • Gain the trust of your visitors
  • Offer an attractive offer

The last two points would be nothing without the first. In addition to paid and expensive advertising, SEO comes into play in the most relevant web techniques for an online store and can explode your number of sales.

Compare your online store to a physical store

Whether you are a novice or a big fan of the web, you can easily sell online and become an important player in your online market!

To understand online commerce and know how to sell quickly online, it is easy to make a comparison with a store with a storefront.

 Physical Store  Online Store
 An attractive showcase and well-presented products  Clean design and clear navigation
 Competent and smiling service  Responsive online chat and warm exchanges
 A competitive and attractive offer (low prices, unique product, quality…)  A competitive and attractive offer (low prices, unique product, quality…)
 Being located on a busy shopping street  Being easy to find on search engines (Google)

This last line of the table has a name on the web, it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in other words, Search Engine Optimization.

And when launching your online store, SEO is very important to make a name for yourself (paired with advertising if your budget allows), it improves your ranking and pushes you to the top of the searches important for your store and therefore allows you to attract more visitors/potential customers.
With good SEO work, it’s like going from a store located on a sparsely traveled country road to the bustling shopping street of your city! And this for the same rent!

Panierdachat, online stores really well optimized for SEO

Optimization for both French AND English versions of your store

In Canada, having a bilingual online store is essential. And at Panierdachat, we understand this well. That’s why all our stores have the possibility of being bilingual (English / French) at no extra cost.

Unlike other platforms, Panierdachat offers you an online store optimized for both languages with a version of product pages / categories / custom / home in English AND French and not just one page that is translated.

Let’s compare a bilingual Panierdachat store with a bilingual Shopify store for example.
(info: the bilingual store is included in all Panierdachat packages while you will have to pay $17.50 USD / month ($23.50 CAD) in addition to your Shopify package)



The Petit Lunetier store uses the Shopify platform, it enjoys an English and French version of its store. Here is an example of a product page in both languages:

  • The URL is the same in both languages. (OMG!) This is a big obstacle to SEO. For the EN version, not having the product name Emma S Black in the URL will not place it in first position in the results as the FR version does.
  • The banner for free shipping is written in French in both versions. This also affects SEO because a search for “Sunglasses free shipping” will not bring up the product page.
  • Finally, more of a look question than SEO: many parts of the store are not translated and give an unprofessional image and a site not adapted to the language of the user: “Home” instead of “Accueil”, “Products” instead of “Produit”…

The Brien Boutique store uses Panierdachat. It benefits from a bilingual online store at no extra cost. Here is an example of a product page in both languages:

  • Each version of the product sheet benefits from its own URL with the correct language.
  • The free shipping banner is properly displayed with the language corresponding to the language of the user
  • As for the English version of the online store, no translation is forgotten, to guarantee a professional and detail-oriented style.

All pages can be optimized

Because we know that search engines love sites with many pages and clear content. We give you the opportunity to customize the Title tag and meta-description of all your pages, information used by Google to reference them.

Thanks to this customization, you can insert important keywords for your market into the meta, title, and description, and therefore improve the SEO of your online store.

For example, for a category titled “Bracelets for women” on your online store, you can customize the

Title tag to “High-quality women’s bracelets made in Quebec”, which is much more attractive and explanatory!

Responsive stores for all screen types that appeal to Google

More than 2/3 of internet users browse the web with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and Google knows this. For several years now, Google has penalized sites that are not responsive (which adapt to vertical screen reading).

Our Panierdachat platform is 100% responsive for all stores. Google will reference all your pages as optimized for mobile.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words

The online store Chez Farfelu, using Panierdachat, ranks first in results for the query “Gift shop” and many other variations.

The home page of a Panierdachat store ranking 1st on Google search results[/caption>

The online store Rose Bonbon also benefits from our SEO-optimized platform. With product categories especially popular for Christmas, ranking for searches like “socks with message”, “wool socks with message”… is an undisputed advantage!

Two category pages ranking 1st and 2nd on many Google searches[/caption>

The Ergoburo store has also chosen Panierdachat to sell online. After the store, then category pages, here is an example of a product page that stands out at the top of Google search results with a very broad query like “Left-handed keyboard”.

A product page in first position ahead of sites like Amazon or other specialized and direct competitors.

The sitemap.xml automatically submitted to Google Search Console

A sitemap (in .xml format) is a file where you list all the URLs/categories/pages/images of your online store. This allows search engine robots to quickly read all the pages of the website and then index them in the engine.

When activating the subscription to Panierdachat, we automatically send the sitemap.xml to Google so that it is indexed as quickly as possible.

When you make a change to a category or product for example, we automatically update your sitemap.xml so that Google can always be aware of the news. So you don’t have to do anything, everything is completely automated.

Well-placed H1 tags (or H tags)

H tags are the table of contents of the web page. We mainly use it on the item name on the product sheet to optimize it to the maximum.

However, for those wishing to further optimize their product sheets, it is possible, in the product text description, to add other H tags (H2, H3, H4, etc.) directly in the HTML source of the text editor.

You will notice below the H1 tag of the product title in the source code of the online store.

A blog to contribute contextual topics to your online store

We will never talk enough about it, but most online stores we see do not offer enough textual content (words!) for Google to understand well what type of store it is. Adding a blog to your store will attract more visitors for free because you will write about topics directly related to the products you want to sell online.

I know writing a blog article can be long and sometimes requires a lot of preparation but know that at least all the visitors who come to your store thanks to it, you will not pay a penny to attract them! To be part of the game, you have to write according to the search intent of your customers!

How many words and how often should you write? It depends on you. However, an article should, at a minimum, contain 300 words, a few images or videos, and talk about a specific or related topic to the products you sell online. As for frequency, we suggest that one article per month is a minimum.

You write on your blog but it doesn’t seem to pay off quickly? Studies show that before an article starts to be profitable and gets a good ranking on Google, it can take 4 to 5 months. It is therefore essential not to give up and to continue. As they say, the early bird catches the worm! 😉

ALT TAGS on your images at all times

To be found also on image search, Panierdachat automatically adds ALT Tags to all your product images so that they are also better found and indexed by Google.

Schema markup to better define the structure

So that Google and its robots can better understand the structure of the pages of your online store, we have integrated, where necessary (ex: product sheet, contact page), the standardized markup.

Local infrastructure for a faster online store

Did you know that internet response time and network latency can play a big role in the speed of page display? This is why all our server infrastructure is based here in Quebec.

When your visitors make a request to access your online store, they do not have to go through the United States or another country in the world. This has the effect of increasing the speed of page display since there is less delay in accessing Panierdachat servers. It’s like taking the highway rather than a country road to get from point A to point B.

Our infrastructure is locally based with a leading global provider and all stores benefit at the same time from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to further accelerate requests for static resources.

As a bonus to improve store SEO:

  • All our stores benefit from an SSL/TLS certificate which ensures secure browsing for the user. This allows you to take advantage of the HTTP/2 protocol and for the more technical among you, to improve the speed of loading the pages of your online store with parallel requests.
  • The stores are optimized to be as lightweight as possible in order to be performant in terms of page loading speed.
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