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SEO: Be in the first Google results with Panierdachat

I won’t teach you a new thing but to sell online, you need to reach 3 goals :

  • Be known
  • Be trusted
  • Be interesting (with good products and prices)

The last two points would be nothing without the first one. In addition (or to avoid) to paying an expensive advertising, SEO is the most relevant web techniques for an online store and can explode your sales numbers.

Compare your online store to a physical store

Neophyte or great adept of the web, you can easily sell on the internet and become an important player in your online market!

In order to understand the online business and know how to sell quickly online, it is easy to make a comparison with a storefront store.

Physical storeOnline store
 An attractive showcase and well-presented products Clean design and clear navigation
 A competent and smiling service An online chat and warm exchanges
 A competitive and attractive offer (low prices, unique products, quality …) A competitive and attractive offer (low price, unique product, quality …)
 Be placed in a busy shopping street Be easy to find on the search engines (Google)

This last line of the table has a name on the web, it is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

And when you launch your online store, the SEO is very important to make a name (paired advertising if your budget allows). The SEO allows to attract more visitors and potential customers.
With a good SEO job, it’s like you’re moving from a shop on an uncrowded country road to the main shopping street in your city! And this for the same rent!

Panierdachat, really well optimized online stores !

An optimisation bilingual for your online store (English and french)

In Canada, having a bilingual online store is essential. And Panierdachat understood it well. That’s why all its shops have the possibility to be bilingual (English / French) without extra cost.

Unlike other platforms, Panierdachat offers you an online store optimized for both languages with a version of the product / category / personalized / home page in English AND French and not a single page that is translated.

Let’s compare a bilingual Panierdachat online store with a bilingual Shopify shop for example.
(info: the bilingual store is included in all Panierdachat plans while it will cost $ 17.50 USD / month ($ 23.50 CA) in addition to your plan with Shopify)


The shop Le Petit Lunetier uses the Shopify platform, it benefits from an English and French version of its shop. Here is an example of a product page in both languages:

  • The URL is the same in both languages. (OMG!) Which is a big drag on SEO. For the EN version, the fact of not having the name of the product Emma S Black in the url will not put it in first place of the results as benefits from the version FR.
  • The banner of free shipping is written in French in both versions. This also affects the SEO because a search “Sunglasses free shipping” will not highlight the product page.
  • Finally, a question look more than SEO: many parts of the store are not translated and gives a non-professional image and a site not adapted to the language of the user: “Home” instead of “Home” “Products” instead of “Product” …

The shop Brien Boutique uses, Panierdachat. It enjoys a bilingual online store at no extra cost. Here is an example of a product page in both languages:

  • Each version of the product sheet takes advantage of its own URL with the correct language.
  • The banner of the free delivery is well proposed with the language corresponding to the language of the surfer
  • As for the English version of the online store, no translation is forgotten, to ensure a professional style and attention to detail.

All pages can be optimized

Because we know that search engines like websites with many pages and with clear content. We give you the opportunity to customize the Title tag and meta-description of all your pages, information used by Google to reference them.

Thanks to this customization, you can insert in the meta, title and description, important keywords to your market and thus improve the SEO of your online store.

For example, for a category under the title “Necklaces for women” on your online store, you can customize the Title tag by “Handmade necklaces for women from Canada”, which is much more attractive and explanatory!

Responsive stores for all types of screens that appeal to Google

More than 2/3 of Internet users surf the web with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and this Google knows. Since a few years Google penalize the sites which are not responsive (which adapt to the reading on cellular (vertical screen)).

100% of online stores create with Panierdachat are fully responsive. Google will reference all your pages as optimized for mobile.

Cause pictures are better than words

The online store Chikiboom, using Panierdachat, is placed first results on the request “Recycled leather watches” and many other variants.

The homepage is 1st, one of its best watche page is in 2nd position.

The online store 2610, using Panierdachat, is placed first results on the request “Medal hangers Canada” before Amazon, Etsy and a big competitor.

After the 2 ads link, a category page from the online store 2610.ca

And an example in french. The online store Chez Farfelu, using Panierdachat, is placed first results on the request “Boutique de cadeaux” (which means Gift Shop) and many other variants.

The homepage AN a category page are the first results for the keywords “Boutique de cadeaux” (gifts shop).

The sitemap.xml automatically submitted to the Google Search Console

A sitemap (in .xml format) is a file where we list all urls / categories / pages / images of your online store. This allows search engine robots to quickly read all pages of the website and then index them in the engine.

When we activate the Panierdachat subscription, we automatically send Google sitemap.xml so that it is indexed as quickly as possible.

For example, when you make a change to a category or product, we automatically update your sitemap.xml so Google can always be aware of what’s new. So you have nothing to do, everything is completely automated.

H1 tags (or H tags) well placed

The tags H (Htags) are the table of contents of the web page. We use it mainly on the item name on the product sheet to optimize it to the maximum.

However, for those wishing to further optimize their product sheets, it is possible, in the text description of the product, to add other tags H (H2, H3, H4, Etc.) directly in the HTML source of the editor of text.

You will notice below the H1 tag of the product title in the source code of the online store.


A blog to help add contextual topics to your online store

We’ll never talk about it enough, but most of the online stores we see do not offer enough textual content (words!) For Google to understand what kind of shop it is. Adding a blog to your store will attract more visitors for free because you will write about topics that directly refer to the products you want to sell online.

I know that writing a blog post can be long and sometimes requires a lot of preparation but know that at least all the visitors who come to your shop thanks to him, you will not pay a penny to attract! To be part of it, you have to write according to the research intentions of your customers!

How many words and how often should I write? It’s up to you. However, an article should, at a minimum, contain 300 words, some images or videos and talk about a specific topic or related to the products you sell online. As for frequency, we suggest that one article per month is a minimum.

You write on your blog but it does not seem to bear fruit quickly? Studies show that before an article starts to be profitable and gets a good ranking on Google, it can take 4 to 5 months. It is therefore important not to let go and continue. As they say, the future belongs to those who get up early! 😉

ALT-TAGS on your images at all times

To be found also on image search, Shopping Cart automatically adds ALT Tags to all your product images so that they are also better found and indexed by Google.

Schema markup to better define the structure

So that Google and its robots can better understand the structure of the pages of your online store, we have integrated, where necessary (eg the product sheet, the contact page), the standardized markup Schema.org.

Local infrastructure for a faster online store

Did you know that the response time and latency of the internet can play a big role in how quickly a page is displayed? That’s why all our server infrastructure is based here in Quebec.

When your visitors make a request to access your online store, they do not have to transit through the United States or another country in the world. This has the effect of increasing the speed of display of the page since there is less time to access the Shopping Cart server. It’s like taking the highway instead of a country road to get from point A to point B.

Our infrastructure is locally based at a leading global provider and all stores have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) at the same time to further accelerate static resource requests.

As a bonus to improve the SEO of shops:

  • All our shops benefit from an SSL / TLS certificate that provides browsing security for the user. This makes it possible to take advantage of the HTTP / 2 protocol and for the more technical ones of you, to improve the speed of downloading the pages of your online shop with parallel requests.
  • The shops are optimized to be as light as possible in order to be efficient at the speed of the loading of the pages.
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