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Selling online with Facebook

Written by Florian
Optimize your store
February 15 2024 (Mis à jour le 15 March 2024)
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Selling online with Facebook, the keys to success

More than 80% of consumers don’t follow retailers on social media like Facebook, according to a survey conducted by Groupe Altus for the CQCD. This fact has completely flown under the radar due to the headline about Amazon.

While companies were told to be active on Facebook, where some put all their eggs in one basket, they’re now being told: your customers aren’t there. Of course, there are some great success stories, like Chocolats Favoris or RiseKombucha, but there are also other players among our customers: Farfelu or Chemin du plaisir, for whom social media is a privileged channel. So how do we sort all this information into lessons for our industry? Find out how to create your online store on Facebook.

The success of one sales channel does not make the norm

The reverse is also true. For some, social media work very well, for others, not at all. However, according to my observations, those for whom it does work are very active on the latter, namely Facebook (the most popular social media by far!).

Where are my customers?

And how do they consume, what do they like, etc.? If it’s moms at home, who are often on Facebook, then go! Or young people aged 18-25, go too! However, it’s important to remember that Facebook is first and foremost a social medium. Currently, it is even penalizing businesses (the number of people reached in non-sponsored publications).

Synchronize my inventory with my Facebook store

With your Panierdachat online store, you can already put your entire inventory on your Facebook page in just a few clicks. Click here to find out how.


How can I better target my customers if they’re not on Facebook?

If Facebook isn’t your target audience’s channel of choice, have a minimum presence, but rely on other channels for your online sales. You have much more to gain, both in terms of conversion on your website and in terms of attracting visits via Google, by optimizing your online store:

  • Add new products
  • Add recommended products to increase the average basket or offer a product alternative
  • Write detailed information about your products

To keep your customers

Take care of your customer service

Faster delivery, reliability, transparency and personalization. Customers like to be treated like people, even if they buy online.

Run promotions and communicate them everywhere for omnichannel communication.

Making sales on Facebook

Surround yourself with or invest in specialized companies, agencies and consultants, so you have a team or professional advice. Know how to delegate where your weaknesses lie, so as to complement your talents and have all the ingredients to make a winning recipe.

Although there are guidelines, good practices and not-so-good practices, statistical data, every recipe is different, and yours must reflect your essence as a company.

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