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5 tips to convert your visits into sales

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
March 15 2024
2 min

1. Lighten up your homepage

How do you want your customers to feel when they arrive at your online store? Certainly not “overloaded”! Yet, you’d be surprised how many stores don’t follow this principle. They reveal company descriptions, uninformative visuals, and offer promotions that are difficult to read on a colorful background. It’s a bit off-putting, isn’t it?

To lighten the visual, you can opt for a white background and a touch of color (a sure bet!), or enlist the help of a designer. At Panierdachat, we offer custom design for $495, which will be created based on your brand and what you want it to convey.

2. Offer free shipping for more sales!

This is a simple little trick! According to a ComScore survey, 61% of buyers tend not to complete a purchase if shipping is not offered for free. In fact, 8 out of 10 buyers would buy more from your store if they can reach a minimum amount for free shipping.

Offering free shipping from a reasonable amount you consider will be preferred by your buyers and can easily increase your sales. Why not try this strategy today?

3. Build their trust

Some customers are more difficult to convince when it comes to online shopping. First, indicating a physical address in the “About” or “Contact” section can be a good starting point. Think about the customer who wants to make sure your company exists. Also, a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in the past year usually raises some doubts! French spelling mistakes and lower-quality photos can obviously harm your brand image, even outside of your online store.

Regarding payment, at Panierdachat, we ensure the security of each payment method. All transactions take place with certified and secure payment processors. Furthermore, an SSL certificate on each Panierdachat store allows secure navigation in https at all times.

Merchants and customers can trust our platform!

4. Attract your customers with the right words

You may have heard of SEO? This is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Each search engine has many rules for displaying the most likely result to interest the user.

Having good statistics regarding bounce rates, using the right keywords, and well-filled title tags… These are some good practices that can improve your results on search engines, but it’s much more. For better results, you can contact us. Our SEO experts will be happy to help you rank at the top of search results.

5. Stay true to what you project

Are you focusing your marketing on baby clothes, but you’re increasingly developing children’s clothing? Then advertise your brand differently on your online store!

You’ll want your customers to follow your evolution. Therefore, it’s essential to be consistent with your marketing and better target your customers’ needs to communicate effectively and generate the sales you desire.

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