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Google Shopping: Boost your sales and SEO

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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November 9 2020 (Mis à jour le 15 February 2024)
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Faced with this new digital ecosystem, in which the digital transformation of merchants is accelerating and competition is growing, Panierdachat, aware of this new challenge, integrates as of today the possibility to add your products to Google Shopping. 

Previously paying, Google has made a major change since last April, making part of its ads free in order to bring solidarity to merchants of all sizes to facilitate their transition online.

Today, more than ever, it has become crucial to judiciously select and diversify your sales channels to distribute your products.

Google Shopping takes advantage of this and Panierdachat offers you the opportunity to benefit from free exposure to millions of Internet users.

An unavoidable lever to boost your sales and SEO.

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What is Google Shopping?

Formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping, integrated to the Google search engine, is a directory of thousands of products for sale and also a price comparator.

Google Shopping allows you, as an ecommerce professional, to sell your products online and your potential buyers to find the best prices by comparing the different products available to them.

Google Shopping results appear directly from the Shopping tab, accessible from Google search.

Example of Google Shopping

How does Google Shopping work?

For Internet users

One of the main features of the platform is its accessibility and ease of use.

The products are initially displayed by relevance. Your potential customers can search by filter on different criteria.

For you, online sales professionals

Google Shopping offers you a showcase for your online store Panierdachat.

  • The free ads are located directly in the Shopping tab.

Filtering on Google Shopping

  • If you want to go further, Google Shopping offers you many more features including optimizing your ads and promoting special offers. These paid ads will be found in addition to your Google Ads text ads (sometimes at the top of your text ads, sometimes on the right).

Search showing Google Shopping products

The advantages of Google Shopping

By referencing the products of your online store Panierdachat on Google Shopping, you will contribute considerably to the radiance of your brand.

  • Optimal visibility : With a visual variant of your products directly from search engines.
  • More traffic : Google Shopping ads generate 65 % of clics on the web. And by clicking on the product, your customer is referred directly to the merchant site.
  • A highly qualified prospect clientele : By clicking on your ad, your potential customer will have targeted the product he wants and it will be in agreement with the price that will have been proposed to him.
  • A better conversion rate : Since the requests are targeted at the source, the conversion tunnel will be less because your potential customer will go through fewer intermediaries to reach the sale. The conversion rate is 30% higher. 
  • An excellent means of prospecting : By coming to your online store, the potential customer is likely to be interested in other products. You will thus be able to collect additional data in order to better direct your marketing campaigns later on.
  • Simplified and automated management : Google’s algorithm takes into account the data and structured content downloaded from your products, namely the image, title and description. You will therefore not need to work on your keywords.
  • An SEO opportunity : Being present on Google Shopping allows you to appear several times in the search results (SERP) and therefore get a better positioning.

How to propose my products on Google Shopping

Eligibility criteria and recommendations

  • Secure your online store using the https protocol for the protection of customer data. With Panierdachat, all our stores benefit from an SSL/TLS certificate ensuring safe browsing.
  • Ensure that your online store has contact information.
  • Make sure your online store stipulates the conditions of invoicing and returns.

What do you need to sell on Google Shopping?

You will need a Google Merchant Center account. This will be used to import product information via data feeds to Google Merchant Center.

Panierdachat has simplified the process for you.

Find out how you can quickly and easily add your products to Google Shopping.

Find here all the steps to add and upload your product catalog to Google Shopping.

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Facebook shop

Before you start

This data stream in xml format, preconfigured and provided by Panierdachat, vous servira également à importer de façon groupée un grand nombre de produits sur votre boutique Facebook.

Find, from your Business Facebook Manager catalog, where to add your data feed url in xml format.

From the Catalog Manage, go to Catalog then Data sources and click on Add Items.

Then, select Batch Import (1), Scheduled Feed (2) and copy/paste your xml feed url (3).

Plan your update schedule (4).

Complete the settings  (5) and click on Import (6).

Combine Google Shopping and Facebook Shop and enjoy cross channel visibility!

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