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5 Reasons to Create an Online Store to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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March 5 2024 (Mis à jour le 8 March 2024)
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You craft your own handmade or costume jewelry and want to start selling them online.

Panierdachat is the quick and easy solution to create your online store.


Sell your creations and build a community around your brand

With the rise of social networks, it is now essential to create more than just a simple web page where products are sold. It is necessary to tell a story, establish a strong brand image with which your target audience can identify, or even engage and listen to your customers/prospects by creating a community on social networks.

For this, creating your own online store is the optimal solution. In addition to the initial benefit of being able to sell, a Panierdachat store will provide you with all the marketing and analysis tools to continually improve your business:

With an online store, you manage 100% of the design of your store with simplicity, control the image of your site, and benefit from your own custom domain name (e.g.,

Sell your bracelets, necklaces, and all your handmade and costume jewelry…

Example of a customizable pendant sold on a Panierdachat online store.

Why choose Panierdachat?

Panierdachat is the partner of many artisan jewelers who benefit from the numerous advantages of the platform.

A simple store to create and manage daily

Creating an online store with Panierdachat has been simplified to meet the needs of users at all levels while providing the best management tools. Easily create a professional-looking and high-performing store with an intuitive administration and powerful tools.

A bilingual store at no extra cost

Unlike many other platforms, enjoy an online store in both French and English at no additional cost.

And on top of that, both versions will be optimized for search engines 😉

Une boutique en ligne sans commission

Contrairement à d’autres plateformes de boutiques en ligne, Panierdachat ne prend aucune commission sur vos ventes.

An SEO-optimized store to rank at the top of Google results.

Stores created with Panierdachat are the best friends of Google and search engines:

  • They are 100% responsive, adapting to all screen sizes, from small mobile phones to large computer screens.
  • They are lightweight and fast for smooth navigation
  • You can add keywords (meta) to all product pages, categories, home, informative, blog… (both in French and English) to improve their Google ranking.
  • All information about optimization is in this article
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