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Welcome to the geolocation!

You have an international clientele and you want to offer them a pleasant and adapted navigation?

Geolocation is here for that!

Offer visitors to your e-commerce site an interface in their language and prices in their currency with the Panierdachat geolocation.

We know that it makes you happy 😉

A new feature that will increase your number of sales

Have you ever bought online at a site with prices that are not in your currency?

If so, it must have happened only a few times and should not be a smooth and pleasant experience: must convert to know the real price + be in hesitation if a conversion fee exists and if so how much. We prefer far more when the prices are in our currency.

This is what Panierdachat now automatically allows. No need to let your visitors change the language and currency of your online store, it adapts to your visitors.

Of course, geolocation will offer the language and the correct motto to your visitors only if you have configured this information.

If there are no English versions or multiple currencies, your foreign visitors will see your default online store as you choose.

How it works?

Available in the Platinum plan, this new feature is automatically activated at all stores with this package.

But how do we know the language and the currency of your visitors?
Everything happens in the IP address.

When you connect to the web, you are an IP address, and this address contains your exact current location.

Our geolocation system uses IP information to set the language and currency to the user.

  • If the visitor goes through the base URL:, language and currency will be configured according to their IP address.
  • If the customer arrives on a page of your site through the URL, the visitor will be directed to the EN version of your site, but the currency will be adapted to his IP.
  • If the visitor’s IP address is unreadable, the default language and currency you choose will be displayed for this visitor.

A little tour of the configuration

  • Francophone countries and provinces are directed to the French version (if existing)
  • Anglophone countries and provinces are directed to the English version (if existing)
  • Canadians will have the Canadian dollar pre-configured (if existing)
  • Americans will have the US dollar pre-configured (if existing)
  • Europeans will have the euro pre-configured (if existing)
  • Visitors from other countries will have the pre-configured currency and language chosen by default.
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