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Use Mailchimp on your online store and increase your sales

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Panierdachat news
May 29 2019 (Mis à jour le 18 February 2024)
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Many of you have asked us, and as usual, we listened to you: Mailchimp arrives on Panierdachat!
Make way for Mailchimp and the advantages of the newsletter service number 1!

Enjoy its list of subscribers has never been so easy!

Don’t have your online store yet ? Open an account on our easy-to-build e-commerce platform!

The advantages of Mailchimp

According to a study by Adobe, visits and engagement of your visitors from your newsletters is much more interesting than those from social networks. They can represent up to 25% of your total traffic.

So yes, we confirm in 2019, for a B2C online site, it’s essential to use the newsletters and inform / promote your services to your subscribers.

Mailchimp, free forever

One of the first benefits that you can enjoy when you leave is its “Forever Free” plan. That entitles you to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.


Its ease of use is the reason why we chose Mailchimp to be the first external newsletter service provider integrated with Panierdachat.

With a rich list of templates and templates design, just pick one and fill it with your content for a professional email that will capture the attention of your customers.

Rich in features

Mailchimp offers a multitude of options for sending and analyzing results. You will always find the information you are looking for!

Easily connect Mailchimp to Panierdachat.

Shopify divorce with Mailchimp and leave all its users without newsletters

Following the decision to close a partnership between Shopify and Mailchimp, many merchants turned to Panierdachat, which became the ideal platform to continue enjoying the benefits of Mailchimp. The official divorce date between Shopify and Mailchimp is May 12, 2019.

I’m a Mailchimp customer, what is Panierdachat?

Panierdachat is a platform for creating professional online stores, design and optimized for search engines.

Our platform has seduced the world with e-merchants all over Canada, the USA, France… thanks to stores User-frienddly and with perfect SEO in French and English versions.

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Why such a success?

Bilingual shops

Unlike many other platforms, get an online store in French and English at no extra cost.

And in addition it will be optimized for both languages on the search engines.

Online shops optimized for search engines

The shops created with Panierdachat are Google’s best friends and search engines:

  • They are 100% responsive, they adapt to all screen sizes, from small cell phones to large computer screens.
  • They are light and fast for smooth navigation.
  • You can add keywords (meta) on all product pages, categories, home, informative, blog … (both in French and in English) to improve their Google referencing.

All inclusive packages and no commissions on your sales

You will not have any surprises with the Panierdachat packages, everything is included!

All you need is in your package, you do not need to pay dozens of plugins every month that push up your initial package to unexpected highs.

The synchronization with your Mailchimp account is for example included in all Panierdachat: Silver, Gold and Platinum!

And the Panierdachat newsletter?

For the regulars of our newsletter system, we always leave it available.

In addition if you use another external service than that of Mailchimp, it is ideal to harvest without limit the emails of your subscribers that you can export to integrate your suppliers of newsletters.

How to synchronize my Mailchimp account to my online store Panierdachat.

Very easily and quickly, we explain all this in this support.

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